Bob Harper's 3-week workout plan to jumpstart weight loss

Try this at-home fitness regimen designed by everyone's favourite 'Biggest Loser' trainer.
By Bob Harper
Bob Harper's 3-week workout plan to jumpstart weight loss

3-week workout plan

Classic burpee

Best way to: Torch calories

Stand with arms at your sides. Drop into squat position and place hands on floor in front of you. In one quick move, jump feet back to assume a plank position. Drop chest and hips to floor. Return to squat position, then jump straight up into the air, throwing arms overhead. That’s one rep.

Do five reps.

Bob Harper's 3-week workout plan to jumpstart weight loss

Tricep push-up

Best way to: Tone head-to-toe

Start in high plank with shoulders stacked above wrists, palms firmly planted. Keep back flat and core tight to avoid dipping hips. Slowly lower chest to floor, keeping neck as relaxed as possible, eyes slightly forward. Hold for a second, then push back up — as if you’re pushing your hands through the floor. That’s one rep.

Do 15 reps.

Bob Harper exercise tricep push up

Wide knee sit-up

Best way to: Cinch your waist
Lie on back with arms extended overhead, close to ears. Press soles of feet together and let knees fall open. Keep lower back pressed into the floor. Lift torso up and touch fingers to floor in front of toes. Exhale and hold, then lie back down. That’s one rep. 
Do 10 reps.
Bob Harper exercise wide knee sit up

Air squats

Best way to: Blast fat fast
Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. Bend knees and squat as though sitting down on a chair, and extend arms in front of you. Keep back straight and knees behind toes. Sink into your heels. You’re aiming to drop your hips below parallel. Return to standing. That’s one rep.
Do 20 reps.
Bob Harper exercises air squats

Max your results

Bob’s workout uses metabolic conditioning, which works the whole body quickly and efficiently. Get the most out of it by using your “middle-line for strength” (so in the sit-up and push-up, focus on an imaginary line from your chin to pelvis and pull it inward) and your “hips for power” (for squats, keep your butt back and sink into your heels, then push into them to come up). “If you want to amp it up, grab a medicine ball or kettlebells,” says Bob.

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Follow the jump for Bob's 10 secrets to a slimmer you.

Bob Harper's 3-week workout plan to jumpstart weight loss

Do this workout five times a week for three weeks. Repeat the sequence as many times as possible in 12 minutes. Focus on form, not on how many reps you can do!


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