Log on to lose weight with these diet and fitness apps

Download these diet and fitness apps for expert-approved diet and fitness advice at the tip of your fingers
By Dominique Lamberton (diet) & Kari Pritchard (fitness)
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Reaching your ideal weight could be just a click away. Online programs help you shed pounds more effectively, according to a new review of 14 weight-loss studies involving more than 2,500 people. Lead author Dr. Susan Wieland applauds the convenience of online options. And the results are encouraging: Computer-based programs helped users lose over five pounds more than offline dieters.

Sign on today: Look for sites or apps with social-support, goal-setting and tracking features—many are free!

Top three diet apps

Fooducate: It's easier to weigh your food options when you're not struggling to make sense of labels on your own. Scan the bar codes of packaged foods and get the scoop on key nutritional details with this app. Bonus: You'll get a dietitian-approved grade (A through D) on the healthiness of your choices, taking into account preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, added sugar and serving sizes.

Lose it: Input your currect and ideal weights, and the app calculates how many days and daily cals it'll take for you to reach your goal. There's also an extensive database of nutritional information and super-supportive communities for words of encouragement!

The eatery: An app founded on the believe that losing weight starts with changing your habits. Take pictures of your meals and rate them (fit or fat) to track how well you're eating and get helpful feedback from other users.

If you're looking for a fitness app to complement your new eating plan try this fitness collection test by our expert staff:


Fitness app guru, Runtastic has four new apps to help you reach your fitness goals with 100 push-ups, 30 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups and 150 squats. These apps are a step outside the box for Runtastic, a company whose apps, up to this point, have been geared towards the cardio set. Each app has several unique features, making them well worth the 99 cents! Here’s what we loved most about these fitness aids:

1. The training plan Download each app to get a scientific sports training plan that helps you gradually reach your number goal with each exercise.

2. The automatic counter No more counting in your head! Each app uses a sensor (built into your phone) to keep track of your reps allowing you to focus on more important things…like the burn.

3. The countdown between breaks Like your own personal trainer, when you start to feel the burn your smart phone will let you know how much time you have left before you can take a rest. Just picture Jillian Michaels yelling “5! 4! 3! 2! 1!” in your face.

4. The voice coach For those of you who need a little more motivation, the voice coach feature will literally help you stick to your goals. This is great for those of you who are just starting out and need some positive reinforcements.


5. The personal records Track your progress with the automatic recordings for each app. Uploaded to the Runtastic fitness site for an in-depth look at how far you’ve come…and far you may have to go.

6. The social media sharing Let your friends know when you reach your goals by sharing your statistics and records on Facebook, Twitter or through e-mail. Invite your friends to join and make a challenge out of it. There’s nothing like having to show up for other people to get you motivated.

What's your favourite diet/fitness app?


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