Halloween treat: How to make a spooky and delicious graveyard cake

This yummy chocolate cake is both a trick and a treat (to eat).

Graveyard chocolate cake Halloween

Photo, Irene Ngo.

Whether you’re throwing a dinner or dress-up party, we think this spooky graveyard cake will be a hit at your Halloween soiree!


Halloween cake


Step 1: Bake our chocolate cake with mocha frosting.

Step 2: Prepare the decorations. We think these black-sesame cookies make perfect-looking tombstones! Prepare the dough as per directions, then shape into tombstones and crosses (instead of rounds). Bake according to directions. Don’t worry if the stones aren’t perfect, we think the cracks give it an authentic look! I also baked off a few ‘rocks and pebbles’ on a separate baking sheet — they’re small, so take less time to cook (not shown).



Halloween cake


Step 3: Sprinkle chocolate cookie crumbs on top of frosted cake. You can buy it in grocery stores in the baking aisle, or make your own by whirling chocolate wafers in a food processor.





Halloween cake


Step 4: Insert your cookie ‘tombstones’ into the ‘dirt’. If you make smaller tombstones, you can fit in more.





Halloween cake


Step 5: Stir some coconut flakes (can be sweetened or unsweetened) with some green food colouring until combined. Add more green colouring if you want your ‘grass’ more vibrant.





Halloween cake


Step 6: Place some ‘grass’ around the tombstones and dirt. Here, I’ve added some of my cookie ‘rocks’ as well.





Halloween cake


Step 7: For a pop of colour, I added some candy corn pumpkins. You can get creative here – add some marshmallow ghosts and gummy worms to up your scary factor!


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