16 Intricate Pie Crusts That Are (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

Weave, crimp and braid your way to the prettiest pie crust with these buttery masterpieces as your inspiration.
16 Intricate Pie Crusts That Are (Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

Would you guess this is a peach pie? Photo, Jo Harrington @jojoromancer.

Summer's bounty of amazing produce—including picture-perfect peaches, vibrant blueberries, raspberries, cherries, juicy plums and nectarines—creates the perfect storm for pie-making. But just like summer, time is ticking away on this scrumptious selection, so now is the time to get baking.

With a smooth and easy-to-work-with dough on hand, the possibilities are nearly endless; braided pastry edges, lattice-woven pie crust and prettily crimped edges are just the beginning. To get your creative juices flowing we've created a collection of our favourite IG-worthy pie lattices.

Pastry petals

decorative pie crusts: leaf border with flower cut outs (Photo, @karinpfeiffboschek/ Instagram)

Weaves and leaves

decorative pie crusts: braided border with leaves in centre (Photo, @julie_jonesuk/Instagram)

Stone fruit stunner

decorative pie crusts: nectarine tart with pastry leaves (Photo, @julie_jonesuk/ Instagram)

Fancy florals

decorative pie crusts: pit crust with flower cut outs (Photo, @karinpfeiffboschek/ Instagram)

Woven wonder

decorative pie crusts: herringbone lattice pie crust (Photo, @julie_jonesuk/ Instagram)

Tangled tart

decorative pie crusts: strawberry pie with vines and leaves around edge (Photo, @thepieaddict/Instagram)

Summer-y slab pie

decorative pie crusts: slab pie with flower cut outs (Photo, @jojoromancer/ Instagram)

Peachy keen

decorative pie crusts: peach pie with letter cut outs and braided edge (Photo, @jojoromancer/ Instagram)

Cute cut-outs

decorative pie crusts: plum pie with leaves and flowers around edge of pie with flower cut outs in middle (Photo, @steveandandys/ Instagram)

Sophisticated roses

decorative pie crusts: pie with pastry roses in centre with leaf border (Photo, @thekitchenmccabe/ Instagram)

Daisy chains

decorative pie crusts: pastry daisies around border of pie crust (Photo, @thekitchenmccabe/ Instagram)

Braided beauty

decorative pie crusts: rows of braided pastry along circumference of pie with pastry leaves in the centre (Photo, @elleventy/ Instagram)

An intricate bouquet

decorative pie crusts: pie with apple flowers and pastry in the shape of a bow (Photo, @maki_zuhause/ Instagram)

Delicate details

decorative pie crusts: braided pastry along border and woven lattice with thin stripes in centre (Photo, @elleventy/ Instagram)

Pie in bloom

decorative pie crusts: pie with braided pastry along border and flower cut outs in centre

(Photo, @jojoromancer/Instagram)

Magnificent mini pies

pie crusts: six small pies with butterfly cut outs and braided borders (Photo, @julie_jonesuk/ Instagram)

Originally published in 2018; updated in 2021.


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