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18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of Summer

This delectable summer fruit can be used in everything from flaky pies to luscious cream tarts and savoury Italian salads.
18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of Summer

Photo, Erik Putz.

Savour this juicy, red fruit in a bevy of cherry recipes, suitable for everything from weeknight dinners to weekend barbecues and dessert cravings. Bonus: Scroll down to the bottom for a hot-tip video on how to pit cherries quickly and safely.

Sour cherry pie

Summer brings a bounty of fresh fruit, and one of the most treasured is the sour cherry. Also called tart cherries, these ruby-red beauties first appear in July, and their season is fleeting. Unlike sweet cherries, which are often enjoyed straight-up, sour cherries are thin-skinned, brightly coloured and have a unique, zingy flavour that makes them unbeatable for baking—especially in pies. Get this classic sour cherry pie recipe.

Sour cherry pie with maple leaf cut out, on a red background.Photo, Erik Putz.

Black forest frozen cheesecake

A cool summer cake topped wth chantilly cream, juicy cherries, chocolate and chocolate ganache. Get this black forest frozen cheesecake recipe.

Black forest frozen cheesecakePhoto, Erik Putz.

Cherry cheesecake bars

Classic, creamy dessert squares with a rich, saucy cherry finish. Get this cherry cheesecake bars recipe

Cherry cheesecake barsPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Sweetgrass cherry cake

Find comfort in this moist cake that marries the flavours of sweetgrass and cherry harmoniously. Get this sweetgrass cherry cake recipe.

A square piece of sweetgrass cherry cake topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry, on a white ceramic plate(Produced by Chantal Bragranza, Radiyah Chowdhury and Sun Ngo; Photography, food and prop styling: Kirsten Buck; Illustrations: Lianne Marie Leda Charlie)

No bake summer fruit tarts

Filled with a decadent vanilla-honey mascarpone cream, this easy fruit tart is our favourite no-cook summer dessert. Get this no-bake summer fruit tart recipe.

No bake summer fruit tartPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Very cherry pie

Halving and pitting cherries may be a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it to get this fresh cherry pie. Get this very cherry pie recipe

Summer cherries: piePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Black forest trifle with cherries

This dazzling, layered dessert of custard, chocolate cream, boozy cherries and chocolate cookies can be served at any time of year, but fresh, in-season cherries give it an incredible finish. Get this black forest trifle with cherries recipe.

no-bake desserts: Black Forest Trifle with cherriesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Summer cherry panzanella

Sweet cherries brighten up this grilled salad, turning this vegetarian dinner into a dish everyone will want more of. Get this summer cherry panzanella recipe.

Summer cherry panzanella salad.Photo, Erik Putz.

Cherry sorbet

Berry and cherry season is on its way into full swing! Freeze fruit at its peak in a single layer on a baking sheet, then transfer to a resealable bag for storage. Use fruit throughout the year in one of these instant sorbets. Get this cherry sorbet recipe.

Cherry sorbetPhoto, Sian Richards.

White chocolate mousse with cherries

Topped with juicy cherries, this treat is an incredible in-season indulgence. Get this white chocolate mousse with cherries recipe.

White chocolate mousse with cherriesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Sour cherry lemonade

Elevate your lemonade with tart sour cherry juice. Get this sour cherry lemonade recipe.

Sour cherry lemonade in a glass with mint and lemon slices.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Cherry and caramelized-onion relish

This sweet and savoury burger topping will relegate your usual go-to condiments to the back of the fridge. Get this cherry and caramelized-onion relish recipe.

18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of SummerPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Cherry crumble coffee cake

Perfect for cool cottage evenings, you can also take this recipe with you when summer has had its last hurrah. (Simply substitute fresh cherries for dried — we love it both ways!) Get this cherry crumble coffee cake recipe.

18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of SummerPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Cherry-onion bruschetta

Give your bruschetta an elegant upgrade tonight with juicy cherries, creamy goat's cheese and fresh basil. It's a savoury appetizer everyone will enjoy. Get this cherry-onion bruschetta recipe.

18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of SummerPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Cherry-mint soda

A blend of soda, fresh cherries and mint, this cold, bubbly drink is perfect for hot summer days. Get this cherry-mint soda recipe.

Cherry-mint sodaPhoto, Sian Richards.

Black forest gateau ’mess’

Savour the season’s balmy evenings by dining alfresco, and round out the evening with a decadent chocolate-cherry dessert, topped with clouds of whipped cream. Get this black forest gateau ‘mess’ recipe.

Black forest gateau 'mess.'Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Upside-down pineapple and cherry cake

An easy cake that — with one quick flip — turns into a showstopper that tastes even better than it looks. Get this upside-down pineapple and cherry cake recipe.

18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of Summer

Cherry-cheesecake pops

Beat the heat this weekend with a decadently cool spin on a classic. Get this cherry cheesecake pops recipe.

18 Cherry Recipes That'll Give You A Taste Of SummerPhoto, James Tse.

The easiest way to pit cherries:


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