5 Things We Learned From Cookie Monster's Charming New Self-Help Cookbook

The book is as delightful as you'd imagine.
Cookie Monster Book on pink polka dot background Filled with cookie crumbs of wisdom. Photo, Sesame Street.

The world's most famous blue monster can now add cookbook author to his resume. That's because Cookie Monster released The Joy of Cookies, a self-help cookbook filled with crumbs of wisdom, cameos of his Sesame Street pals and of course, recipes, because you're certain to crave a cookie or five while flipping through this delightful page-turner. Cookie Monster's "guide to life" might just be a small picture book, but it's guaranteed to make both kids and adults smile. Here's what I learned from it (and why I'll be keeping it on my desk for afternoon-pick-me-ups, with cookies, of course).

Even Cookie Monster believes in a balanced diet

"Cookie not diet because cookie is lifestyle," says Cookie Monster. According to him, "cookie not very good diet." The blue guy follows the old adage, everything in moderation. "Balanced diet is important," he writes. "For example me eat chocolate chippy cookie, then me eat green leafy salad. (Then me eat oatmeal raisin cookie.)"

Cookie Monster wearing tuxedo

Cookie Monster's secret ingredient for perfect cookies

Everyone knows the best cookies are homemade, including the big CM. "My secret ingredient for cookie is love," he writes. "And tiny bit of sea salt on top." (May I recommend Maldon sea salt flakes if you want to follow Cookie's advice.)

If life throws you lemons, don't make lemonade

"When life give me lemons, me ask if anyone got recipe for lemon cookies!" writes Cookie Monster. Well, Cookie, we have plenty! Try lemon drop icebox cookies, lemon-glazed butter snaps or lemon-poppyseed icebox shortbread cookies.


Everyone deserves cookies!

You'll find recipes sprinkled between Cookie Monster's life-affirming statements and pearls of wisdom. I'm eager to try the Every Monster Cookie, which is dairy-free, egg-free (or vegan), nut-free and gluten-free, meaning it's suitable for all (well, most). And yes, we do have this equitable cookie recipe because Cookie Monster always shares (maybe).

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