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18 Recipes To Celebrate Maple Syrup Season

Don't just stop at drizzling the sweet stuff over your pancakes—it has plenty of amazing uses in the kitchen.
18 Recipes To Celebrate Maple Syrup Season

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Maple syrup

Classic butter tarts

We set out to develop the ultimate butter tart—and we nailed it. These indulgent treats wrap a gooey, sweet filling in a perfectly flaky pastry. Get this classic butter tarts recipe.

Ultimate butter tart recipePhoto, Erik Putz.

Maple custard oatmeal

Love oatmeal but need an extra hit of protein in the morning? The secret ingredient in this genius recipe is eggs, which are cooked slowly with the oats to create a creamy, custardy (and protein-rich) wonder. Get this maple custard oatmeal recipe.

Maple custard oatmealPhoto, Erik Putz.


Maple-cider chicken and nutty quinoa

Tonight, give golden, pan-fried chicken a sweet finish with maple dressing. Get this maple-cider chicken and nutty quinoa recipe.

Recipes to make this week: maple-cider chickenPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Maple-roasted squash

Roasted squash is delicious on its own (the natural sugars caramelize for that perfect roast-y flavour), but a little hint of maple just knocks it right out of the park. Get this maple-roasted squash recipe.

Roasted squashPhoto, Erik Putz.

Buttermilk pancakes

Or you can keep it classic and drizzle your maple syrup over our perfect buttermilk pancakes. Get this buttermilk pancakes recipe.

(Tip: No buttermilk? Mix 2 tbsp lemon juice into 2 cups milk and let stand 10 min. Also, you can reduce or omit the sugar in this recipe if desired.)

Best pancake recipes: Buttermilk pancakesPhoto, Erik Putz.


Cranberry-almond baked brie

Perfect for weekend entertaining, wine and cheese parties, or if you’re just in the mood for an indulgent appetizer. Get this cranberry-almond baked brie recipe.

Cranberry-almond baked brie recipe

Maple syrup butter tart squares

These easy dessert squares were inspired by one of our favourite desserts. And with a touch of maple syrup, they might just be better. Get this maple syrup butter tart squares recipe.

Maple syrup butter tart squaresPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Miso-maple pork skewers

You’ll probably need a jacket to brave outdoor grilling, but it’s oh-so worth it. These simple skewers get drizzled with our maple-miso mixture just before serving. Get this miso-maple pork tenderloin skewers recipe.

Miso-maple pork skewersPhoto, Erik Putz.


Maple-bacon French toast

Challah bread is ideal for this recipe—it’s sturdy enough to stand up to long cooking. We like the subtle sweetness of this dish but really love it served with lots of maple syrup. Get this maple-bacon french toast recipe.

Maple syrup season: Maple-bacon French toastPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Camembert, lemon and maple syrup crostini

Here is a simple formula to bring zest to any evening soirée: Top crostini with camembert and roasted lemon slices. Maple syrup (of course) completes this sweet and sour treat. Get this camembert, lemon and maple syrup crostini recipe

18 Recipes To Celebrate Maple Syrup SeasonPhoto, Maya Visnyel.

Maple crème brûlée

This creamy maple custard with a golden, caramelized shell will make everyone want to dip in for seconds. Get this maple crème brûlée recipe

Maple creme bruleePhoto, Roberto Caruso.


Double maple glazed doughnuts

Because double the maple is double the deliciousness. Get this double maple doughnuts recipe.

Double maple glazed doughnutsPhoto, Andrew Grinton.

Crunchy maple-nut granola

Use this crunchy maple granola overtop thick, creamy yogurt for a simply delicious eat-and-run breakfast. Get this crunchy maple-nut granola recipe.

Crunchy maple-nut granolaPhoto, Sian Richards.

Maple bacon with fennel

Calling all bacon-lovers, this one’s for you. We’ve upped the ante with this brunch essential, making an old favourite new again. Get this maple-fennel bacon recipe.

Maple bacon with fennelPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


Pumpkin cupcakes with maple bacon icing

The perfect treat. And with maple-bacon icing, need we say more? Get this pumpkin cupcakes with maple-bacon icing recipe.

18 Recipes To Celebrate Maple Syrup SeasonPhoto, Ryan Szulc.

Maple fudge

Super rich and ever-so-creamy, it’s the perfect treat when you’re craving something sweet. And, since working with sugar can seem a bit intimidating, here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to make the most perfect and delicious maple fudge. Get this maple fudge recipe.

Maple fidge in leaf cut-outs: How to make maple fudge at homePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Maple rye and ginger

We added a little extra Canadiana to this classic cocktail. Stir ’em up at your next cocktail party for a little extra fun. Get this maple rye and ginger recipe.

18 Recipes To Celebrate Maple Syrup SeasonPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


Maple-strawberry cream cake

With ingredients like maple syrup, fresh whipped cream and strawberries, this is a hard dessert not to like. Get this maple-strawberry cream cake recipe.

Maple-strawberry cream cake recipePhoto, Yvonne Duivenvoorden.


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