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11 nutritious, filling recipes for Ramadan

These simple dishes are protein rich, high in fibre and hydrating — just what you need while fasting during long summer hours. Bonus: We've included some creative ideas on how to use your iftar leftovers the next morning.
11 nutritious, filling recipes for Ramadan

Southwestern beans on toast.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.

10 Ramadan Recipes

Filling breakfast: Southwestern beans on toast

Long-lasting, nutritious ingredients are a great way to last out long breaks between meals. Beans on toast is a quick morning fix (beans are packed with fibre, so they take longer to digest), and will help keep you full for the day ahead. Get the recipe.

11 nutritious, filling recipes for RamadanPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Filling breakfast: Overnight chia oatmeal

High protein, easy recipes (like this make-ahead oatmeal) are also good choices when you’re getting an early start.

Bonus: Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and fibre. Get the recipe.

Overnight Chia OatmealPhoto, Erik Putz.

Filling breakfast: Green goddess smoothie bowl

Double up on the toppings for our smoothie bowls (with ingredients like almonds and flax seeds) for a lasting boost of fibre and protein. Get the recipe.

Green goddess smoothie bowlPhoto, Sian Richards.

High fibre: Huevos rancheros

This dish rocks both beans and an egg, boasting a healthy dose of fibre and protein for the day. Get the recipe.

Huevos rancherosPhoto, Sian Richards.

High fibre: Lentil bolognese

To save time, and get in a few big food groups in the morning, try this two-for-one recipe. It’s lentil bolognese tonight, then save the leftovers and turn them into a lentil ragu tomorrow. 

Bonus: Lentils are also high in fibre, keeping you full for longer. Get the recipe.

Lentil bolognesePhoto, Sian Richards.

High fibre: Lentil ragu over polenta

In the morning fill up on last night’s bolognese with this 15 minute fix. All you need to do is heat up the lentils, cook some quick-polenta, and voila! Lentil ragu. Get the recipe.

Lentil ragu over polentaPhoto, Sian Richards.

High protein: Egg and tomato shakshuka

This Mediterranean dish is satisfying and easy. Try it served with thick slices of fresh bread for dipping. Get the recipe.

Egg and tomato shakshukaPhoto, Sian Richards.

High protein: Chicken and kale saute on rice

Adding a fried egg on top gives this hearty bowl a big protein boost, and will keep you going for longer. Get the recipe.

Chicken and kale saute on ricePhoto, Erik Putz.

High Protein: Chicken and rice noodle rolls

These noodle rolls make use of yesterday’s rice bowl, providing the same high protein benefits. Plus, the leafy greens help to keep you hydrated. Get the recipe.

Thai chicken rice noodle rollsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Fattoush salad

Our take on the traditional Middle-Eastern salad, it’s an easy option for dinner late in the day, and is packed with healthy legumes, fragrant herbs and juicy tomatoes. Get the recipe.

Recipes for Ramadan: Middle Eastern FattoushPhoto, Erik Putz.

Add-on: Breakfast Power Bars

These date bars are a great side to any meal. So if you’re looking to get an extra boost for the day, have these on hand.

Bonus: Dates have a low glycemic index, which means the sugars covert at a slower rate, and they’ll give you an energy boost without the sugar rush (and crash). Get the recipe.

Breakfast Power BarsPhoto, Erik Putz.

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