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7 homemade salsa recipes

Save the chips and dip for another day – and try saucing up your tacos, enchiladas, steaks and more with these tangy, spicy and zesty salsas.
7 homemade salsa recipes

Tomatillo salsa. Photo, SIan Richards.

Salsa recipes

Tomatillo salsa

We love a classic salsa, but we'll often add a tangy tomatillos whirled with chilis, cilantro, garlic and salt to the table for an extra pop of colour and variety for our taco toppings and chip dips. Get the recipe.

Photo, Sian Richards.

7 homemade salsa recipesTomatillo salsa

Pico de gallo salsa

And you can't miss this fresh salsa – great on tacos, nachos and more. 

Photo, Sian Richards.

7 homemade salsa recipesPico de gallo salsa


Fresh salsa

 Sauce up that steak with something other than BBQ sauce tonight. Try this fresh salsa for a simple, colourful finish.

Photo, Erik Putz.

Grilled flank steak with fresh salsa.Flank steak with fresh salsa

Salsa verde

With three variations and six ways to use it, this salsa is an incredibly versatile side. Get the recipe.

Photo, John Cullen.

7 homemade salsa recipesSalsa verde

Fiery roasted red salsa

Roasted for extra flavour, and puréed to smooth easy-dipping finish, this salsa adds some heat to dinner. Get the recipe.

Photo, Angus Fergusson.

7 homemade salsa recipes


Grilled salsa

Get fired up this season! A handful of unexpected ingredients on a hot grill can lead to surprisingly tasty dip. Get the recipe

Photo, John Cullen.

7 homemade salsa recipesGrilled salsa

Roasted tomato-pepper salsa

This salsa’s unique character comes from a fast roast on high heat. Get the recipe

This salsa's unique character comes from a fast roast on high heat.Roasted tomato-pepper salsa

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