Thanksgiving survival guide: 10 tips for stress-free hosting

10 tips to ensure you pull of your best holiday dinner, ever!
Thanksgiving survival guide: 10 tips for stress-free hosting

Whether it's your first or fiftieth time hosting Thanksgiving, getting the turkey cooked to perfection (and on time) along with all the side dishes and desserts, in addition to keeping guests content and adding a seasonal decorative flair to a room can be a challenge! Our survival guide is here to help. We have everything you need to make the best turkey, gravy and stuffing as well as an easy 10-minute DIY centrepiece. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Welcome cocktail: Greet guests with a glass of our cozy pumpkin-pie cocktail. Keep it warm on the stove and then add a dollop of whipped cream once they arrive.

2. Simple snack: Make a batch of these spicy-sweet nuts a day or two before your event. Then, if you need more time in the kitchen on the day of, put these out to appease the crowd. Tip: These make-ahead nuts can be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to serve them.

3. Easy-peasy pumpkin pie: Bake-up our new favourite sky-high pumpkin pie - guaranteed to get you high-fives! Whether you're making apple or pumpkin pie for dessert, use these tips to get the perfect crust.

4. Gravy in two simple steps: There are a couple of essential things to know: blend fat with flour, then add liquid. P.S. Make sure you have a gravy boat.

5. The bird: Sometimes it’s easier to have someone show not tell, so we enlisted our food editor, Claire, to give us her best tips for the juiciest turkey and tastiest gravy.


6. Stuffing: The best part of this sweet-potato stuffing is that you can make it ahead of time, cover it with foil and reheat it along with the turkey. Plus, find out why our Kitchen says you shouldn’t stuff your bird.

7. Pretty (easy) pumpkin centrepiece: Make a charming vase by placing a glass inside a hollowed-out painted pumpkin, then insert flowers. (Insert compliments here.)

8. Sweet potatoes and potatoes: You’ve nailed the main attraction, but don’t forget about your sides. Choose one or two recipes from our potato and sweet potato collection, and you can check this off your to-do list.

9. Squash as a side: Watch this video on how to safely cut and peel butternut squash. Then pick a recipe and go.

10. Timing is everything (when it comes to food): Our food editor shares her best tips for getting everything on the table at the same time. A few key words to learn: delegate, easy and make-ahead.


Thanksgiving collection: From our best recipes, tips, how-to videos and decorating ideas, everything you need for hosting the perfect feast.


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