Oktoberfest-inspired dinner party menu

Celebrate with your own Bavarian-style dinner party that includes fresh-baked pretzels, crispy schnitzel and mash, and chocolate cake with beer!
Oktoberfest-inspired dinner party menu Bavarian menu for Oktoberfest.

Celebrate October with your own Bavarian-inspired dinner party. Our menu turns this celebration into an October-feast with fresh-baked pretzels dipped in grainy mustard, crispy schnitzel and mash, and chocolate cake with beer (of course) for dessert. All there is left to do is put on some polka music and pour yourself a stein full of imported beer.

Crispy schnitzel This Austrian specialty traditionally uses veal, but thin cutlets of pork, turkey and chicken are less expensive--and equally delicious. The secret to its crispiness? Cook them in small batches. It'll help keep the temperature of the oil constant, and they'll remain crisp.

Pretzel sticks Buttery soft pretzel sticks are the perfect way to get this party started. Dip them in store-bought Dijon mustard or make your own (see recipe below).

Angus Fergusson Angus Fergusson

Grainy mustard Our artisanal version of this classic condiment is ready in just 10 minutes and it's the perfect way to perk up everything from pretzels to schnitzel and mash.

Potato and celery-root mash Mix up your regular mash by adding some celery root (also known as celeriac) that has the wonderfully subtle taste of celery, and the texture of a potato.

Potato & celery-root mash and Lemony Rapini

German cucumber salad A light and fresh side that comes together in just five minutes - stir sour cream with dill and vinegar, and then then add thinly sliced cucumber until coated.

Chocolate Guinness cake In keeping with the theme of this holiday (beer!), serve our rich and luxurious Guinness cake. Believe it or not, beer does amazing things for cake. So, grab your favourite dark stout and get baking. Cheers!

Chocolate cake with mocha frosting


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