Water crisis

The facts and how you can help bring clean H20 to those in need
By Grace Toby
Water crisis

Water – it’s one of life’s essentials, but not everyone is lucky enough to turn on a tap to get some. Here’s how you can help:

1. At least one billion people lack access to clean drinking water and more than 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Water borne diseases causes 3-5 million deaths a year and many more illnesses.

2. The Tabitha Foundation is dedicated to building wells in Cambodian to help bring clean water to its people. Plus, a well allows children who would normally fetch water, attend school. The cost of each well is only $125. Plus, Governor General Michaelle Jean is a patron of this project, so you know it’s a cause you can get behind.

3. Another Canadian doing good is Margaret Trudeau. Her I walk for water initiative is raising money to provide clean water and develop sanitation infrastructures in Eastern Africa. The 5km walk is less than the average 10km walk that most women in these countries make to fetch water.

4. Trudeau’s walk for water campaign also supports WaterCan, an independent Canadian non-governmental organization. For over 10 years, they have been trying to help the world’s poorest countries gain access to clean water.

5. You may be aware of your carbon footprint on the world, but are you familiar with your water footprint? Take the water calculator test to see how your family measures up and what small changes you can make (i.e. turn the tap off when brushing your teeth) that can make a big difference.


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