Your Weekly Horoscope: February 22 – 28, 2023

This week, remember that things don’t have to be going perfectly at every turn in order for them to be going in the right direction.

An illustration of twoo goldfish swimming around in a circle. the goldfish are wearing small party hats with pink and blue squiggly stripes and a gold star at the tip. In between the fish is the symbol for Pisces.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Feb. 19-March 20

Just because things aren’t where you wish they were doesn’t mean that they’re not going to get there in their own time. In other words, don’t confuse what is with what’s possible. And don’t be deterred in this moment; you can still move in the direction of where you want to be in the future. Strive to be conscientious about how you cope with stress and fear this week, and you’ll be right on time, Pisces.

An illustration of a pink ram head wearing sunglasses. The symbol for Aries is shown on a star beneath the ram's head above two crossed swords

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


March 21-April 19

This is a good week for taking chances, Aries. If there are things that you know are important to you, do what you need to do to make them happen. The only caveat is this: don’t lose track of yourself as you do it. Find a way to honour your own needs while also collaborating with your circumstances and the people around you because in this way, you can make progress that sticks.

An illustration of a bull wearing blue cowboy boots on all four feet. It's alsoo wearing a yellow cowboy hat that has the symbol for Taurus on it.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


April 20-May 20

You’re moving through some tricky, emotional terrain. Strive to be adaptable and put your perfectionism to the side this week. It’s important that you trust yourself, Taurus. You’re likely to be confronted by some dramatic dynamics, and how you participate is the only thing you can control. Try to operate from a place of believing that you are worthy and capable—even if you’re struggling and don’t get it right the first time.

An illustration of a pair of cherries connected at the stem. One cherry has a smiley face and the other has a sad face. On the tip of the stem, there's a pair of leaves and a small gemini symbol

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


May 21-June 21

Trying to be anyone but yourself is likely to backfire this week, Twin Star. While things in your environment may be a bit chaotic, you don’t need to take that on. This is an important time for you to focus your energies and words so that you can decide what you’re willing to take on and who you want to be in situations that activate you. Act with self-awareness, self-determination and willingness to participate diplomatically.

An illustration of a hermit crab with a pink shell. The hermit crab has a tear falling from their eye and is holding a flower who also has a frowny face on it. The cancer symbol is shown in circles above and below the crab.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


June 22-July 22

If you allow yourself to put too much energy into your scarcity-based beliefs and fearful thoughts, you will unintentionally end up manifesting those very things. This isn’t to say that you should be “positive vibes only,” but there is a meaningful line between thinking about what isn’t working and losing yourself to fear. Be brave enough to own your feelings, address your fears, acknowledge what isn’t working and remain focused on possibility.

An illustration of a cat wearing a red bow around its neck and looking into a hand mirror with sparkles in their eyes. At the top of the mirror is a small Leo symbol

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


July 23-Aug. 22

When you change your perspective, what you perceive to be possible can change too. This week, you’re likely to be feeling pretty stressed out and fixated on what isn’t working. This may make you feel like there’s nothing you can do. Luckily, that’s not the case! What you need is within your grasp, and a change of heart will empower you to perceive things from a different vantage point.

An illustration of a burning heart being stabbed by six swords. in the middle of the heart is the Virgo symbol

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This isn’t the time to try to control or contain matters, Virgo. Instead, it’s a time for reflecting on your past. What did and didn’t work for you? How have you behaved in the past that was effective at the time but you’ve now outgrown? Asking yourself these questions will empower you to get grounded in your own wisdom and evolution, which may just deliver the momentum you need to get aligned and leverage all that you are this week.

An illustration of balance scales. each bowl has the symbol for Libra on it.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You don’t need to make things alright, Libra. Instead, strive to accept what’s happening so that you can figure out what you need to do to cope with it. Trying to determine how other people feel or what they should do is a waste of your time. All you can handle is your part, and even though that may feel particularly frustrating this week, it is likely to position you to be in the right place at the right time.

An illustration of a pink scorpion wearing sunglasses and holding a heart-shaped lollipop. The Scorpio symbol is on it's front arm like a tattoo. it's other arm and legs have symbol tattoos as well like a star, moon, flower and snake.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

If you’re feeling sad this week, it’s important that you take a self-protective approach to your emotions. Don’t try to rush away from your feelings or analyze your situation as a way to get on top of your emotional landscape. This might mean that you’re a bit scattered or conflicted while you try to sort out what’s going on in your heart, and that’s okay. Just do your best, Scorpio.

An illustration of a bow and arrow with a flaming tip. the arrowhead has the Sagittarius symbol on it.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week, it’s important that you prioritize, Sagittarius. You may be feeling frustrated or disappointed by the state of affairs, but don’t let those feelings distract you from what matters most. The best way to do this is by considering your big-picture needs and goals; things don’t have to be going perfectly at every turn in order for them to be going in the right direction. It’s okay to be struggling even though it’s not fun. Give yourself the space to feel what you feel.

An illustration of a goat with a green mermaid tail. The goat is sticking out its tongue and wearing a medallion around its neck. the medallino has the Capricorn symbol on it.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

If you’re going to progress, you’re gonna need to let go of a little bit more control, Capricorn. This week you may feel challenged and like no matter what you do, it’s not quite working, but the truth is that you need to get out of your own way in order to make room for something new. This will require adaptability and curiosity; in other words, you don’t need to know what’s coming in the future in order to be open in the present.

An illustration of two swans sitting in two large vases that have the Aquarius symbol on them. The swans have water falling out of their beaks.

Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

As Saturn moves through the final degrees of your sign, you are likely to feel that something momentous is shifting. Strive to be intentional about your participation and where you want it to take you, Aquarius. While this isn’t likely to be a week of radical transformation, it would be a great one for checking in with yourself and developing clarity about your plans—current and future.

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