Five tips for men on how to be romantic

Every woman deserves some romance in her life. Advice for men to please the love of your life

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I recently went on a mother-daughter trip with two girlfriends and their daughters to New York. When we landed, there was a car waiting for us at the airport to take us to our hotel — my friend’s husband had arranged the surprise pick up.

The driver then handed each woman a dozen roses and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot — my friend’s husband had also arranged the champagne and roses for us.

I almost cried, thinking, ‘Wow, your husband is so thoughtful and romantic!’ I mean, come on! How nice was it that my friend’s husband thought to arrange the car, order a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne for each of us, so that we would get our trip started on a great note?

Now, I’m not saying my boyfriend isn’t a romantic. He does so much for me: calls me and compliments me all the time, buys me spontaneous gifts, and is an all around great man who probably would do anything for me if I asked. But…I don’t think he would have thought about organizing flowers and champagne for my arrival in another city. (Like the majority of men.)

We flew Porter airline there and back. And guess what my friend’s husband did for her when we came back? He actually took the ferryboat over to the Toronto Island airport with their son to surprise her when she arrived because he knew she had missed them. Now that, my friends, is romantic.

I was fascinated. Did he do these things all the time for her? How did he know to do those things? Was he born a romantic or did he have to learn?  So I put a tweet out for romantic men. I found Ali Martell, a hilarious and well-known blogger and founder of Cheaper Than Therapy, whose husband, Gav, is known to be possibly one of the most romantic men in Canada. So I asked her husband about romance to get the inside scoop. Here was his advice:

1. Men are not born romantic: “I think culture plays a large part. Certainly for me, with a wife who loves films such as Love Story, Princess Bride, and Sixteen Candles, it’s fairly obvious what floats her boat.” So, gals, start downloading your favourite romantic movies and get your guy watching!

2. It is important for men to be romantic: “I think at the end of the day, every woman wants to know you’re thinking about her and considering what makes her tick. My wife is smart, talented and funny. She’s given me three beautiful children. If I can show her in any small way how much she means to me, all the better.” (Awww!)

3. It’s easy to be romantic, even if you don’t think you are: “You really need to try and put yourself in her shoes for two minutes. It’s not about spending a ton of cash or loads of time. You need to consider what’s going to elevate her day by knowing you care.” His easy suggestions? “Deliver some cookies or cupcakes to her office. Draw her a bath and pour her a glass of wine. Take the kids out for breakfast on the weekend and let her sleep in.” (Yes, gals, this guy is taken. Sorry!)

4. The most romantic thing he’s done for his wife? “Probably setting up a scavenger hunt when I was away on a business trip. Although a close second would have to be when I surprised her with a photo session for us on our 10th anniversary. Ali has always hated our wedding photos and I surprised her with a romantic dinner and session with a photographer while we were in St. Lucia. (Ok, now I’m jealous.)

5. Romance, he says, is mostly about planning. “Spontaneity is good. And I think it’s an important part of being romantic, but I’ve always been a planner in every aspect of my life. So for me, romance is about planning ahead. Leaving a Starbucks’ card taped to Ali’s steering wheel, organizing Oscar parties for her friends and the like.”

Ali, you are one lucky gal. Now ladies, print this off, or email to your husbands asap. Go!

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