Fighting the flu: A naturopath’s top five recommendations

Fight back with Dr. Turner’s five-step flu protocol and a list of our most-popular flu-related articles.

With Toronto health officials estimating that cases of the flu have more than tripled this year, there’s been a lot of talk around the Chatelaine office (as colleagues continue to call in sick!) around prevention (please stay home!), treatment and whether there’s really a better cure for influenza. In a bit of a flu panic, we called our resident naturopath Dr. Natasha Turner for her best advice on dealing with colds and flu — here are her recommendations:

Sleep it off, health, naps


“During flu season we recommend taking precautions at the very first start of symptoms, says Dr. Turner. “This is the cold and flu protocol that I recommend to my patients. It’s tried, tested and true.”

1. Take vitamin D3
30-40,000 IU per day for 3 days – then go to 4 to 5000 IU per day.

2. Andrographis (inquire for brands at your local health food store)
Take 3-4 pills two to three times a day – reduce dose once symptoms clear up to 2 to 4 per day.

3. Take vitamin C
1000 mg 4-6 times per day – you can use chewable if you wish.

4. Zinc lozenges
As many as you like to max of  50 mg zinc per day.

5. Do the wet sock treatment
Put on wet socks, covered by dry and then go to bed (this really works!).

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