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How to make your own all-natural massage and sex oil

This Valentine's Day surprise your lover with a special blend of essential oils — designed by you.
By Julie Clark
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I started making my own sex oil because I wanted to find something fun for the bedroom that wasn't full of irritants, chemicals and synthetics. I started playing around with my favourite essential oils and actually started using our now-popular Sex Oil as a summer moisturizing body oil because of its deeply nourishing properties.

Many commercial lubricants can be irritating and contain ingredients no one wants on any part of their body. This Province Apothecary blend is free of alcohol (which is drying and irritating), glycerin (which can cause yeast infections, dryness and irritation), parabens (which disrupt endocrine and mimic estrogen), petroleum products (which are irritating and suffocating to the skin), harsh preservatives (which can cause cellular mutation, diminish sperm function and irritate the skin) and synthetic fragrances or colour. It's scent-free and doesn’t need to be washed off after use.

A great way boost our Sex Oil (which is a base of fractionated coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and evening primrose oil) is to add an essential oil blend to 120 mL of it. I've listed a few of my favourites below, and even given you two of my favourite blends to easily (and naturally) spice up your love life. They'll stimulate your senses, energize your body, calm your anxiety and heighten your sexuality.

1. Ingredients 4 drops jasmine absolute, 4 drops ylang-ylang 4 drops grapefruit 4 drops clary sage 4 drops rose otto 4 drops patchouli

2. Ingredients  1 drop cardamom 4 drops cedar wood 4 drops clary sage 4 drops neroli 4 drops ylang-ylang 4 drops patchouli

1. Cardamom is a sweet and spicy scent that's warming, soothing and calming. It promotes relaxation so you can better enjoy yourself.


2. Cedar wood oil is a rich and woodsy scent. It's grounding and calming, which helps dispel negative energy.

3. Clary sage is a fresh, sweet and herbaceous scent that's uplifting while calming to the nerves.

4. Grapefruit is a fresh and clean scent. It's an energizing oil that enlivens the mood, provides refreshment and clarity and brings happiness to any blend.

5. Jasmine is a rich, heady floral scent. It reawakens passion, uplifts your mood and builds your confidence.

6. Neroli has a smooth, floral scent with a hint of sweet citrus. It's one of the most powerful neuro-psychological oils that can help to calm and soothe the mind and heart.


7. Patchouli is a rich, sweet, earthy scent that the ancients called "peace oil" because of its calming, relaxing and grounding essences. Patchouli also helps relieve fatigue.

8. Rose is an intoxicating, rich floral scent. One of the oldest known aphrodisiacs, it helps build confidence and a sense of peace in yourself.

9. Ylang-ylang has a heady, exotic, sensual scent. It reduces stress, anxiety and nervousness with its soothing and relaxing properties and leaves you feeling great about yourself.

Other oils that are safe for this kind of use include ginger, lemon, vetiver, pine, black pepper, bergamot, orange, vanilla and peppermint.

Province Apothecary sex oil

Province Apothecary's Sex Oil is available at Detox Market and at their pop-up shops in Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. You can also purchase it online.


Julie Clark, founder of Province Apothecary, is a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist. She has been hand-making organic skincare products and treating clients with skin concerns for the past two years in her Toronto studio. Province Apothecary has taken the Just Beautiful Pledge and never uses any toxic ingredients!


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