What's the biggest gym etiquette breach?

We asked fitness expert Maureen Wilson for her thoughts on the biggest faux pas at the gym.
hand weights Photo, Tim Hall/Getty Images.

Maureen Wilson, owner of Vancouver’s Sweat Co. Workout Studios, says: One of the biggest gym etiquette faux pas is hoarding equipment. There are lots of toys in gyms these days and some people stockpile them. It’s one thing to hog the elliptical, but you’ll often see people with weights and gear all around them. If you’re not using it, put it away, and if someone’s waiting for a machine, keep your time to 20 minutes. Another pet peeve? People who don’t wipe down gym equipment–and excessive grunting. Some people are really dramatic: they slam their weights, they’re loud, they’re vocal. It’s not good to hold your breath and grunt that much. We say: Let it out, but try not to be the Incredible Hulk.

This article was originally published in Canadian Health & Lifestyle.


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