Does more sleep equal better sex?

Study Notes takes a closer look at recent medical studies, its caveats and what it means for you.

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The research

Getting the right amount of sleep can increase sexual desire in women, says a study published in March in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers at the University of Michigan tracked both sleep and sexual behaviour in 171 female participants over 14 days. At the end of the study, they found that for each extra hour of sleep, participants were 14 percent more likely to engage in sexual activity the next day.

What it means

“When you sleep less, your body starts trying to conserve energy,” says Dr. Atul Khullar, a senior consultant at Medsleep, a national network of sleep clinics. “The body may not see sex as a priority, so the hormonal system doesn’t work as well.” By contrast, a robust sex drive can be a sign of good health.

The caveat

More research needs to bedone to identify the precise relationship between sexual desire and sleep, Khullar says. Still, “most North Americans aren’t sleeping enough, and getting enough sleep is key to having a normal level of sexual desire.”

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