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How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insiders

Want Beyoncé’s curves or Jessica Alba’s abs? We got the scoop from Tinseltown’s top nutritionists and trainers on exactly how to score an A-list bod.
How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insiders

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July 2014 Do Diet

1. Combine carbs

News flash: A celebrity diet doesn’t necessarily mean a no-carb diet. In fact, the stars in the best shape stick to PC and FC combos, pairing lean proteins (P) or healthy fats (F) with smart carbs (C), explains celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food. “Eating PC or FC combos every three to four hours keeps blood sugar stable and regulates metabolism,” she says. “Plus, your brain and nervous system function on glucose, which comes from carbs.”

Make it a combo: Try two hard-boiled eggs plus half a grapefruit; low-fat Greek yogurt plus berries and walnuts; or chicken kebabs with veggies and brown rice.

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2. Drop pounds with lightweight snacks

Avanti swears by three super slimmers that help her star clients quash cravings.

Grapefruit: Researchers at the University of Florida reveal a pre-meal snack of half a grapefruit or 125 mL of fresh-squeezed juice helps women shed excess weight by curbing appetite.

Asparagus: High in inulin, a soluble fibre, this green quickly gets rid of water weight. “They’re also a bit sweet and very satisfying,” says Avanti.

Green tea: Multiple studies show its catechins have a fat-burning effect, so sip it steadily!

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3. Go vegan for 22 days

Beyoncé and Jay-Z caused a huge stir on social media when they ditched animal products for almost a month. Rumour has it Sheryl Crow is also giving the part-time vegan trend a try. The best part? Studies show plant-based diets improve heart health and promote weight loss.

Find some awesome vegan recipes here. 

How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insidersBeyoncé (Photo, Dan Macmedan/Getty Images)

4. Hydrate with cran-water

Psst... We found out how Hilary Swank got her million-dollar bod. She often starts her day with a glass of cranberry water. “It helps to beat the bloat and remove puffiness,” says celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia, who worked with the Oscar winner leading up to her role in Million Dollar Baby.

Try it today: “Dilute 125 mL of unsweetened cranberry juice with 125 mL of water, and drink it first thing in the morning.”

How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insidersPhoto, Istockphoto

5. Beat bloat before a big event

Red carpet or not, we all have occasions when we want to steal the spotlight. Garcia, who also works with Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum, devised a 12-hour meal plan to help you look your best before a big day.*

The day before
Upon waking: 250 to 500 mL of cran-water (recipe in previous slide).
Breakfast: Egg-white omelette.
Mid-morning snack: Apple or pear.
Lunch: Broiled chicken with salad.
Afternoon snack: Handful of nuts (try a mix of pecans, almonds and walnuts). 
Dinner: Broiled salmon with vegetables.

*Pro tip: Fit in a workout, like hot yoga, skip alcoholic drinks for the day and make sure to go to bed early.

Heidi Klum attends Heidi Klum (Photo, JB Lacroix/WireImage)


6. Shape up with star-studded moves

When celebrities need to get bikini-ready fast, they’ve got one Canadian on speed dial: Ramona Braganza. She’s a fitness model turned trainer from Vancouver who works with Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway. Braganza rolls onto movie sets with her tricked-out gym-on-wheels and designs each star’s workout around her favourite moves. “The goal is to keep them lean and curvy, but strong,” says Braganza. “We train five days a week for at least 20 minutes. Repetition and commitment are key.”

Scarlett Johansson, blonde, bob, shaggyScarlett Johansson (Photo, Getty Images)

Anne Hathaway's fave move: stick-'em-ups

TRY IT: Stand with back and arms glued against wall, elbows at 90 degrees, knees slightly bent. Slowly raise arms above head. Do 20 reps.

PRO TIP: Do 2 sets of 20 reps.


How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insidersAnne Hathaway (Photo, Jason Laveris/Getty Images. Illustration, Julia Schwarz.)

Halle Berry's fave move: rear donkey kicks

TRY IT: Stand holding the back of a chair with one hand. Lean torso toward chair. Kick opposite leg back and hold it parallel to floor for 1 count. Do 20 reps. Repeat with other leg.

PRO TIP: Do 50 on each side.

How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insidersHalle Berry (Photo, Amanda Edward/Getty Images. Illustration, Julia Schwarz.)


Jessica Alba's fave move: stability-ball crunches

TRY IT: Sit on a ball with arms behind head. Walk forward until torso rests on ball (keep shoulders and head off ball), knees bent. Crunch forward. Do 20 reps.

PRO TIP: Do 30 in a row, keeping legs close together to engage core.

Read more: Get celebrity-nutritionist Christine Avanti's detox tea recipe

How to get fit like a celeb from Hollywood's health insidersJessica Alba (Photo, Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images. Illustration, Julia Schwarz.)


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