How many calories are really in those appetizers?

Vancouver-based dietitian Ali Chernoff shares her tips on navigating the food table at your next holiday soiree
By Alanna Glassman and Lora Grady
How many calories are really in those appetizers? Sarka Babicka/Stockfood

Fancy finger foods pack a caloric punch, says Vancouver-based dietitian, Ali Chernoff — up to 200 a pop. Just a handful of apps can quickly exceed your recommended calories for the day. That's why it pays to keep track of every bite.

Try this: "Grab a plate of fruit and veggies when you first arrive at a holiday fete. These water-based foods will help fill you up before you overload on higher-calorie options," says Chernoff. Then, stick to no more than five hors d'oeuvres — and be sure to savour each one.


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