A Mouth-Watering List Of Our Favourite Pancakes, From Classic Buttermilk To Japanese Soufflé

Who knew there were so many kinds?

a stack of banana bread pancakes with syrup being drizzled overtop

Banana bread pancakes. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Fluffy pancakes are a classic breakfast-time staple, but right now, the humble flapjack is having a moment in the spotlight as the “it” dish du jour. For years, it seemed like egg-topped everything (#yolkporn) and plates of savoury chicken and waffles dominated brunch menus, but hot cakes are finally getting the attention they deserve — who doesn’t want to eat dessert for breakfast?

Whether you order a stack for yourself or subscribe to the “pancakes for the table” trend, here are a selection of the most popular sweet pancakes available when you dine out, including the uber-trendy Japanese soufflé pancakes.

Buttermilk pancakes

Stack of buttermilk pancakes.

A classic stack. Photo, Erik Putz.

These are the classic diner pancakes. When made well, buttermilk pancakes have perfectly crispy edges and a fluffy interior. They’re best with butter and lots of maple syrup. Find piles of them stuffed with blueberries, chocolate chips and/or bananas. Eating at home? Try this buttermilk pancake recipe.

Japanese soufflé pancakes

Wiggly, jiggly Japanese soufflé pancakes look like they’re made for Instagram. By adding whipped egg white to the batter, they are taller and lighter than ordinary pancakes. Find them at a handful of restaurants in Canada, including Hanabusa Cafe in Toronto’s Kensington Market —expect a lineup if you decide to pay this small shop a visit.

Dutch baby pancakes

Dutch baby pancakes with roasted plums

A puffy Dutch baby pancakes. Photo, Erik Putz.

Bust out your cast iron skillet to make this giant pancake, which is also known as a Bismarck. These plate-sized puffs are rustic and impressive at the same time. Top yours with fresh fruit and a dusting of icing sugar and dig in. Make one at home with this Dutch baby pancake recipe.


Berry crepes with rosewater chantilly cream

Berry crepes with rosewater chantilly cream. Photo, Erik Putz.

Find these super-thin French pancakes stuffed with either sweet or savoury spreads and toppings, like Nutella or cheddar and ham. At Chatelaine, we like them with berries and floral-flavoured cream (recipe here). Keep your eyes open for pönnukaka, an Icelandic style of crepe.

Stack of pancakes topped with red syrup

Ricotta oat bran pancakes. Photo, John Cullen.

Hearty whole wheat pancakes

Whether you’re making brunch at home or eating out, you can make your stack slightly healthier by using whole grains — like oats, bran or buckwheat — in your pancake batter. Try this ricotta oat bran pancake recipe or look for menu items like buckwheat crepes or oatmeal pancakes (bonus points of they’re oatmeal banana pancakes).

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