If You Love Easter Candy and Gorgeous Baking, You Need To Visit This Bakery

It’s all about treats stuffed with Cadbury Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best Easter candy (followed closely by the controversial Cadbury Creme Egg)—and Cake & Loaf Bakery knows it. The popular bakery—which has two locations in Hamilton, Ontario—goes all out for Easter, offering a bevy of baked goods inspired by (and stuffed with) these chocolatey treats.

Its epic Easter menu started to take shape about five or six years ago, when the bakery introduced a best-selling Cadbury Cream Egg brownie. Last year, says co-owner Nicole Miller, the bakery sold 5,600 Cream Egg brownies (and if you’re wondering, they went through the weight equivalent of a small gorilla in Cadbury Mini Eggs).

Now, the bakery offers a laundry list of chocolate egg-inspired treats, including Mini Egg cookie sandwiches, Cream Egg brownie cakes, Mini Egg lattes, Mini Egg waffles, Mini Egg blondies, Mini Egg éclairs and Mini Egg chocolate chunk cookies.


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The response to the Easter menu has been intense, says Miller. Not only have other local bakeries been inspired to start riffing on these nostalgic Easter candies, but customers are traveling far and wide to get their hands on Cake & Loaf treats—and that’s largely thanks to Instagram.

Mini Egg Chocolate Chunk CookiesCake & Loaf’s Mini Egg Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Along with co-owning the bakery, Miller does most of its social media promotion, which includes posting drool-worthy photos for Cake & Loaf’s nearly 26,000 Instagram followers. What makes the Cake & Loaf feed appealing is the fact that the baked goods look like homespun treats. Even though the Easter treats feature pops of pastel colours, there’s nothing too over-the-top—everything looks approachable, or like you could kind of make it at home.

(And Chatelaine’s resident Hamiltonian, editor in chief Maureen Halushak, assures us the treats taste as good as they look.)

If your mouth is watering and you need some Mini Eggs-filled treats right now, Miller kindly shared the bakery’s Mini Egg chocolate chunk cookie recipe. (And if you’ve got a little more time, try our Mini Eggs-topped braided bread recipe.)

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