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5 Best Tips for Grilling Fish

What fish to buy, how long to cook it — and why you shouldn’t flip it.

Tips for grilling fish - trout with cucumbers, tomatoes and lemon

1. Buy skin-on fillets.
These fillets have skin on one side, and no bones on the other. The skin protects the fish from the grill. The best firm fish options are: tuna, salmon, trout, black cod, halibut and red snapper.

2. Ensure the barbecue is hot enough.
If it’s hot enough before you put on the fish, it will prevent sticking. Be sure to quickly oil the barbecue with a rag and vegetable oil before you put the fish on as extra insurance, and make sure the fish is placed skin-side down on the grill.

3. Do not flip your fish.
It doesn’t need it. Just keep the lid closed so the barbecue stays hot.

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4. Mind your cooking time.
Grill for 5 min per 1/2 inch. Remember that fish continues to cook even after it comes off the grill, so serve immediately!

5. Use a metal spatula.
It will remove the fish without sticking to the grill. Slide it between the grill and the skin, then lift off. If it’s still sticking a bit, slip a flexible metal spatula between the crisp skin and flesh, and lift the fillet off, leaving the skin on the grill.

Plus, 3 easy flavour enhancers:
Moroccan rub
Stir 1/2 tsp each ground cumin, coriander and cinnamon. Mix with 1 tsp oil. Brush over fish before grilling. Serve with lemon wedges.

Maple glaze
Stir 2 tbsp maple syrup with 1 tbsp soy sauce. Brush over fish during last 5 min of grilling.

Herb topping
Stir 2 tbsp each chopped parsley and dill with 1 tsp chopped capers. Sprinkle over fish during last 5 min of grilling.

Watch: How to grill fish on the barbecue:

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