Style desk: From summer to fall

The perfect clothes for making the transition from hot to chilly weather

It can be tricky knowing what to wear during late summer and early fall when temperatures can spike or plummet from one day to the next. Here, a guide to what’s been in this summer that will carry forward, trend-wise, into the fall to spark up your cooler-weather wardrobe. The bonus, too, is that you might be able to pick up a few of these items on sale now. Look for:

1. Jersey dresses

Black is reliable and always wearable when you’re speaking about jersey dresses, but newer is a jewel-toned style.
Wear now with: Tan and wood, or silver accessories.
Wear in the fall with: Matching hosiery, patent leather shoes and bag.

2. Peep-toe heels

From gladiator sandals to open-toe booties, footwear right now celebrates the well-manicured foot.
Wear now with: Bare legs and a coral-coloured pedicure.
Wear in the fall with: Matching opaque tights.

3. A patent tote

Oversize remains a major trend in the purse world. (Just don’t go too big or, as you know, you’ll fill it and do damage to your shoulders lugging it around.) The best new shades for a roomy carryall this season include indigo, dark green and intense burgundy.
Wear now with: Light, neutral clothing like white denim, tan linen or grey cotton.
Wear in the fall with: Deep dark suiting and knits.

4. Wide-leg jeans

Skinny cigarette-legged jeans may be a teen and 20-something must-wear, but a wider cut is more flattering. Fashion works in hyperbole, so know that wide-leg, wearable jeans will abound for fall.
Wear now with: White T-shirts, white shirts, trim blazers and chunky heels.
Wear in the fall with: T-shirts, white shirts, trim blazers and chunky heels.

5. A bow-neck blouse

This button-up blouse style is polished and put together. To avoid looking overly prim, contrast your outfit with jeans or a pair of heels in an unusual colour.
Wear it now with: Pencil skirts and boot-cut jeans.
Wear it in the fall with: Full-legged dressy plaid, tweed, flannel or tweed trousers and a great glossy leather belt.

6. A trench coat

If you find a great-fitting trench on sale, consider it a worthy investment. Traditional shades like tan or navy are no-brainer wardrobe choices, but this timeless coat cut in red, shocking pink or an unexpected bright will always serve you well too.
Wear it now: Layered over your summer dress or shorts during cooler summer evenings.
Wear it in the fall: Layered over knits and jeans, or your work clothes.

7. A wide belt

Get used to your waist again. After years of hip-loving trousers, we’re seeing a renewed focus on your curvy middle, so get prepared to show it off.
Wear it now: Cinching a lightweight cotton dress or skirt.
Wear it in the fall: Nipping a lightweight cardigan or sheath dress.

8. A three-piece suit

The return of the vest means that you get more dressing options from your suit. When possible, buy the matching skirt and pants to a blazer, and now, pick up the vest too. You’ll have two three-piece suit options: blazer and vest with either skirt or pants; and four two-piece suit options: blazer and skirt or pants; and vest with either skirt or pants. Now that’s value.
Wear it now with: A complimenting coloured T-shirt or lightweight jersey sleeveless shell.
Wear it in the fall with: Tailored blouses or sweaters and, with the skirt, matching opaque tights and heels.

9. Chunky necklaces

Runway designers loved big, dramatic necklaces in a huge range of materials from cabochon-look gems to wood and heavy metal.
Wear it now with: Clean-fronted tops and dresses.
Wear in the fall with: chunky knits and scarves layered over tops and dresses in deep autumn colours.

10. Animal-print bags

Animal patterns cycle in and out of fashion. The most covetable prints currently are snake and zebra. Tips: When wearing these patterns, remember to limit your outfit to one printed item.
Wear them now with: Everything.
Wear them in the fall with: Everything.

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