How To Shop For Second-Hand Clothes On Poshmark

Want to thrift from the comfort of your couch? An insider shares her top tips for finding exactly what you want, for less.
How To Shop For Second-Hand Clothes On Poshmark

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Online resale websites make it easier than ever to find unique clothing and accessories from the comfort of your couch, from dresses to swimsuits to shoes and accessories. With handy filters to narrow down your search and easy-peasy delivery options, second-hand marketplace Poshmark is a great way to hunt down a deal. The downside? There are so many options at your fingertips that it’s hard to know where to even begin your search for the perfect piece.

Toronto-based content creator Kate Bauer, who has bought and sold countless items on the platform over the years, shares her best advice for how to shop on Poshmark.


The best Poshmark shopping tips for 2024

Keep your search broad

“I always say you have to cast your net wide and do a little bit of scrolling, a little bit of hunting in order to find those gems,” says Bauer. She typically starts her search with keywords that describe what she’s looking for, as opposed to brand names. Rather than “high-waisted red gingham shorts” along with the name of her favourite brand for example, she might type “red shorts” and spend time sifting through the listings for unexpected finds.


If you like a piece, it’s sometimes worth taking a look in a seller’s closet to find more pieces, which you can bundle together to save money on shipping. Some sellers are also more willing to negotiate prices on multiple items.

She also keeps a wishlist handy, which helps keep her on track when browsing.

Size it up


Remove size filters and look at listing descriptions for measurements. Vintage garments tend to fit differently than their tag size. “I have a couple of things in my wardrobe I like the fit of, so I took those measurements and can have a good idea of how things will fit,” says Bauer.

Save your search

“Poshmark has a great feature that lets you save a particular search,” notes Bauer. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, chances are the right piece will pop up eventually, and then you’ll be notified on your Poshmark account.


You can also “like” items. “This is a great way to keep tabs on anything you see that inspires you,” says Bauer. “You can return back to these pieces later once you've had a chance to think about it.”

Make an offer

Poshmark has a function that lets a seller know how much you’re willing to pay for a specific item—and “it’s always worth making an offer,” says Bauer. It’s then up to the seller to accept, make a counter-offer or decline.


When making an offer, consider what the item is worth, its condition and the listing price—an offer that’s too low likely will get ignored. “It’s a delicate dance to learn what is an acceptable offer,” she says. The best way to learn is to try—you might be surprised by the great deals you get.

Become a seller yourself

“I think you get the best value out of the app if you’re buying and selling,” she says. Selling an item gives you a credit that you can use to buy from other sellers or transfer to your bank account.


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