Target is making bathing-suit season less awful

The company's new swimwear campaign is a huge dose of body positivity just in time for summer. Shopping road trip, anyone?
Target's new swimwear campaign. Photo, Target.

The only three words guaranteed to strike more fear into the hearts of women than "your gynaecologist called" are "bathing-suit season." This time of year, rife with pool party and cottage invites, can send even the most body-positive ladies into a sudden gluten-free tailspin. But Target has three words of its own: screw that noise.

In its just-unveiled Target Loves Every Body campaign, the retailer has doubled down on form-fitting swimwear for all shapes and sizes. And instead of relying solely on impeccably bronzed size twos, the line of bikinis and one-pieces are modelled by regular women: lifestyle bloggers such as Chantè Burkett of Everything Curvy and Chic, Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina and Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries. (Watch them real-talking about their favourite features and hang-ups in the video below.)

Sadly, Target's new body-friendly initiative is just more salt in the wound for Canadian women in search of non-bunchy one-pieces — the company pulled out of here in April. Anyway, put down that chia-seed smoothie: we're heading to Buffalo. Who's with us?


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