How to choose a special sparkling wine for Mother’s Day

Why Segura Viudas Cava is just the thing to fête the moms in your life.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is the perfect reason to break out the delicious and food-friendly Spanish sparkling wines known as Cava. Produced in Catalunya in northeastern Spain, these traditional method sparkling wines level up the joy of any gathering, something especially welcome this year when keeping family close is more important than ever.  

Where does Cava come from?

Segura Viudas has been making internationally awarded sparkling wines since 1959, and is located just outside of Barcelona in the Penedès wine-producing region. Cava is a favourite of foodies and sommeliers around the world, and the renowned Cavas of Segura Viudas are regarded as the epitome of sparkling wines from the region, reflecting traditions dating to the late 19th century and winemaking heritage reaching back 800 years. 

Segura Viudas respects the roots of its history and land in every bottle. All three of the grapes in Cava—Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo—are native to Penedès, each bringing a distinct element to the overall blend. They’re also more likely than non-native grapes to withstand the forces of climate change. Segura Viudas is a producer of certified organic wines, and the grapes that go into their Cavas are hand-picked and grown in mineral-rich soils. In this protected and sustainable wine-growing region, Segura Viudas is a leader in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater, and has earned the Wineries for Climate Protection certificate, an international benchmark for environmentally-conscious winemaking. The delicious result of these sustainable agricultural practices becomes clear when you taste the wines.  

The unique flavours of Cava

Cavas are made using the Champenoise method, during which a second fermentation takes place in the bottle—and this creates the bubbles. Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava is aged in bottle for a minimum of 15 months. During this time the yeast cells impart their characteristic complexities, adding depth and dimension to the wine. Recognized internationally for its consistently high quality, Segura Viudas took a gold medal at the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and a silver at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020.

Many people think of Cavas as something festive to elevate a special occasion. True, the “pop” of a cork will light up any affair—and a home-cooked Mother’s Day feast is an excellent reason to unleash those precious bubbles. But the reason bubbly wines are found on so many lunch and dinner tables in Europe—and especially those that hug the Mediterranean—is because they match wonderfully with the region’s remarkably diverse cuisines. It’s not so much about a special occasion, but rather making any occasion special. (And who are we to argue with centuries of European tradition?)

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Bottle

Best Cava food pairings

Why do sommeliers love these wines so much? Partly because food and sparkling wine are fast friends. The bright fruit, effervescence, and lean profile of these Cavas offer tremendous value and elegant, complex flavour profiles. Food pairs best with wines that have moderate alcohol, bright acidity, and a balance of fresh fruitiness and savoury elements, which perfectly describes Segura Viudas Brut Reserva.

 These wines go beautifully with salty snacks—say, a board of charcuterie, cheese and boquerones, accompanied by nuts and pickled vegetables with some crusty bread. The wines harmonize with an infinite variety of flat breads—another Spanish signature—from a goat cheese and fresh herb combination to a more savoury mix of roasted red peppers and jamón. They pair beautifully with chicken, pork, and even lightly grilled beef, served with brightly flavoured or creamy sauces and classic Spanish sides like patatas bravas. 

 The Brut Rosé—made primarily from the rare Trepat grape originally from the Conca de Barbera area—presents a fresh palate of cherry fruit and lighter acidity. This wine is a delicious match with lighter fare such as seafood escabèche, salty tapas, and fruity desserts. And with that bright raspberry-rose hue, a the Brut Rosé is like a fireworks display at the table. 

A nice glass of Cava is a great start to your Mother’s Day celebration—but it will also carry beautifully through an entire meal. Try these Spanish cuisine-inspired recipes with some Segura Viudas to make this Mother’s Day extra sparkly.

Tapas Grill

Sweet potato and chorizo crostini

Jamie Oliver’s Spanish-Style Griddled Steak

Spanish Chicken with Golden Rice 

Seafood Paella

Chicken Espanol

Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake 

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