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5 creative ways to start using hummus

Today is International Hummus Day! From the dipping bowl to the dinner plate, here are a few delicious ways to celebrate.
5 creative ways to start using hummus

Photo, Erik Putz.

Ways to use hummus

Hummus and spiced lamb with pine nuts

Make it a main! Bring hummus front and centre by topping it with spiced lamb and toasted pine nuts. Serve with fresh pita and salad. Get the recipe.

hummus recipe with spiced lamb and pine nutsPhoto, Erik Putz. 

Pita pizza with hummus and mint

Hummus makes a great base spread that can be added to sandwiches or even vegetarian pizza, giving it a shot of protein and iron. Get the recipe.

Pita pizza with hummus and mintPhoto, Michael Graydon.


Modern BLT with white-bean-wasabi hummus

The humble sandwich goes haute. Build a better sandwich with a few fresh ingredients and some creative upgrades. Get the recipe.

5 creative ways to start using hummusPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Superfood sandwich

A towering stack of healthy ingredients, this sandwich gets an edamame spread on the bottom, and creamy hummus spread on top for a perfect finish. (Add a hands off note it you're putting it in the work's tempting.) Get the recipe.

Best sandwich recipes: The salad sandwichPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Crudites jars with Moroccan hummus

A few extra ingredients updates a classic Middle Eastern dish. Add a variety of colourful sliced vegetables, and you have a healthy appetizer. (Have leftovers? Put it in a mason jar for a work snack tomorrow.) Get the recipe.

5 creative ways to start using hummusPhoto, Michael Alberstat.

From creatively spiced sandwich spreads, to Middle Eastern mains and a towering superfood sandwich — hummus is breaking out of the bowl! Go through our hummus recipes above for four new ways to use this spread (and one classic — we can't resist it in a jar, it's the perfect work snack).

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