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6 dinner recipes, one grocery list

We've prepped the recipes and the grocery list — all you need to do is stop by the store, and you're set for the week.
6 dinner recipes, one grocery list

Photo, Erik Putz.

July Dinner Plan | 2015

Sweet peas on toast

It's breakfast for dinner tonight! Toasty bread is topped with a creamy pea and avocado spread, sunny eggs and a sprinkle of coarse salt.
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Sweet peas on toastPhoto, Erik Putz.

Grilled chicken with spring onion salad

Grilled green onions are sweet, tender and smoky – a delicious addition to salads. So try adding them to the mix tonight as you grill up those chicke legs.
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Chicken leg and chicken drumsticks recipes: Grilled chicken with spring onion saladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Grilled shrimp and pork burger

These flavours are inspired by Chinese siu mai dim sum dumplings. The combo of shrimp and pork is a delicious alternative to the usual burger.
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Grilled shrimp and pork burgerPhoto, Erik Putz.

Steak with fresh corn polenta

It's two meals in one! Tonight, make warm steak over a creamy polenta, then with the leftovers, tomorrow is all about fresh summer salad.
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Steak with fresh corn polentaPhoto, Erik Putz.

Summer steak salad

Dinner's on in just fifteen minutes tonight, with this fresh take on leftover steak. Just add crisp vegetables, and you've got a delicious summer salad.
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Summer steak saladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Grilled nectarine crumble

Transform fresh summer fruit into a fabulous weeknight dessert with just a handful of ingredients.
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Grilled nectarine crumblePhoto, Erik Putz.

Get the week's shopping out of the way early, and cook along with us every night as we make simple, flavourful dinner recipes in 45 minutes or less. Print our July grocery list here (or read it below). And leftovers — what leftovers? Here's a simple set of recipes to help you use up any odds and ends when the week is over.

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