The Breakfast Club anniversary menu

This cult classic celebrates 30 years this month. Here's a menu fit for Athletes, Basket Cases, Criminals, Brains, Princesses and everyone in between.
breakfastclub1 Photo, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Julia Black.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! This month marks the 30th anniversary of John Hughes' cult film, The Breakfast Club, and we can't help but feel nostalgic (and hungry!). This iconic coming-of-age dramedy centres on five misfit teens who discover they have a lot in common, despite their different social backgrounds. Re-watch the film at select Cineplex theatres across Canada on March 21 and 25, or gather your own group of misfit friends and commemorate this pop culture milestone with a viewing party while you scarf down this menu fit for Athletes, Basket Cases, Criminals, Brains, Princesses and everyone in between.

Toasted muesli fruit and yogurt parfait Yogurt parfait with toasted muesli. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

Starter - "The Athlete" Toasted Muesli Our homemade toasted muesli doubles as a healthy, satisfying breakfast or snack! It's lower in fat and sugar than granola, but higher in fibre and protein. Layer with low-fat yogurt and fresh, seasonal fruits for a pretty parfait.

Nicoise muffalata. Nicoise muffalata. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

  Main - "The Basket Case" Nicoise Muffuletta Sandwich This all-in-one sandwich is a picnic basket favourite, but we also think it's the ideal meal for entertaining at home. Prep this egg, tuna and veggie-layered beauty the day before, then cut into all its glory in front of your hungry guests.           Maple bacon with fennel.(Photo, Roberto Caruso.) Maple bacon with fennel.(Photo, Roberto Caruso.)   Side - "The Criminal" Maple-Fennel Bacon Who doesn't love a bad boy? It's natural to like things that aren't great for you, but we say moderation is the key. Our guilty pleasure is bacon, and this one is also a little sweet. (Exactly how we like our bad boys.)           Mocha fool with crunchy amaretti Mocha fool with crunchy amaretti. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.) Dessert - "The Brain" Mocha Fool with Crunchy Amaretti Fuel your senses with a caffeinated breakfast dessert. Coffee, chocolate and crunchy amaretti cookies come together to create a creamy and delightful alternative to your morning cuppa. You'll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way.             iStock. iStock.   Snack - "The Princess" Pink Princess Popcorn This pretty in pink, sweet and salty popcorn is addictive and perfect for munching on when the movie starts.            


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