16 Super-Easy Loaf Cake Recipes

Including favourites like banana bread, carrot cake, lemon loaf and pumpkin loaf with cream cheese icing.
16 Super-Easy Loaf Cake Recipes

The trifecta: carrot cake, banana bread and lemon loaf. Photo, Erik Putz.

Loaf cake recipes come together quickly, which means you don't need to work too hard to make (and eat) a tasty dessert. Sure, they don't have the sexiest name, but loaf cakes are a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, especially when they've got banana in them, or are topped with a sugary glaze or rich cream cheese icing.

Here are our 16 best loaf cake recipes!

Rhubarb-Buttermilk Tea Cake

Crunchy pecans and tangy rhubarb make this moist banana-bread alternative an addictively good loaf. Get this rhubarb-buttermilk tea cake recipe.

An overhead shot of a Rhubarb-buttermilk tea cake loaf, with white glazing, with two slices cut off it, on a white cutting board on a light blue background with a bowl of vanilla ice cream above it and two forks to one sidePhoto: Roberto Caruso

Glazed Lemon Loaf

Bright lemon shines in this classic cake that would perfect for afternoon tea. Get this glazed lemon loaf recipe.

Glazed lemon loaf on parchment paper.Photo, Erik Putz.


Banana Bread

It’s a classic for a reason! Be sure to use ripe bananas for this one. Get this banana bread recipe.

Plain banana bread loaf.Photo, Erik Putz.

Glazed Chai Loaf Tea Cake

Milky, fragrant and extra-warming with its infinitely customizable blend of spices, masala chai hits all the high notes of comfort food. Try this loaf that concentrates the spicy-sweet flavours in a dense, moist and totally dippable tea cake. Get this glazed chai loaf tea cake recipe.

Glazed Chai Loaf Cake with slice cut offPhoto, Carmen Cheung. Prop Styling, Catherine Doherty. Food Styling, Michael Elliot.

Lemon-Poppyseed Loaf

A certain coffee shop is famous for its version of this classic loaf, but why not make it yourself? Get this lemon-poppyseed loaf recipe.

Lemon-poppyseed loaf on parchment paper.Photo, Roberto Caruso.


Chocolate Marble Loaf

This stunner of a loaf cake is perfect for when you just can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla. Get this chocolate marble loaf cake recipe.

Chocolate marble loaf on parchment paper.Photo, Erik Putz.

Classic Pumpkin Loaf

Start baking up this loaf cake at the first sign of fall. Get this classic pumpkin loaf recipe.

Pumpkin loaf on a cooling rack and sliced, with a white icing and pepitas.Photo, Erik Putz.

Zucchini Loaf

Yes, vegetables totally belong in cake! Get this zucchini loaf recipe.

Zucchini loaf on a plate.Photo, Erik Putz.


Orange-Drizzled Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet potato packs a hearty punch in this citrus-scented cake. Get this orange-drizzled sweet potato cake recipe.

Orange and sweet potato loaf cake with candied clementines.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Squash Pound Cake

Instead of pumpkin, try squash in this pound cake that’s perfect for fall. Get this squash pound cake recipe.

Squash pound cake on a cutting board.Photo, Erik Putz.

Pumpkin-Ale Sweet Bread

Pies, step aside! This moist, rich sweet bread comes together in just 10 minutes. Drizzled with pumpkin-ale glaze and crunchy pepitas, it’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Get this pumpkin-ale sweet bread recipe.

Pumpkin loaf on a cooling rack with a white glaze and pepitas.Photo, Erik Putz.


Carrot Cake Loaf With Cream Cheese Icing

Carrot cake and rich cream cheese icing pair perfectly on this loaf. Get this carrot cake loaf with cream cheese icing recipe

carrot cake loafPhoto, Erik Putz.

Vegan Carrot Cake Loaf

For a vegan take on a classic, try this perfectly spiced and easy to make loaf. Get this vegan carrot cake loaf recipe

Vegan Carrot Cake Loaf topped with icing, pecans and carrot chipsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Chocolate-Walnut Banana Bread

Nuts, chocolate and bananas go together like peanut butter and jelly. Get this chocolate walnut-banana bread recipe.

Banana bread on a cooling rack.Photo, Michael Alberstat.


Avocado Pound Cake

Neon? Bring it on! This unconventional cake is filled with nutrient-packed avocados and comes topped with a vibrant raspberry glaze. Get this avocado pound cake recipe.

Green avocado pound cake with pink raspberry glaze.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Plant-Based Banana Bread

Who says loaf cakes can't be made plant-based? Our plant-based banana bread has all of the flavour and texture, but none of the dairy and egg products. Get the plant-based banana bread recipe.

pan of banana breadPhoto, Erik Putz.

This story was originally published in 2021; updated in 2023.


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