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4 things our food editors love this month

From clever cookware to a decadent new cookbook (just in time for Valentine's Day), these are the goods our food team is talking about now.
4 things our food editors love this month

Will Torrent Chocolate at Home cookbook

4 things our food editors love | February 2015

Clever cookware

Remember when microwave cooking was all the rage? It's back and, happily, much improved, thanks in part to to this line of cute, effective cookware. We particularly like the rice cooker, which produces perfect results every time, in just over 10 minutes.

Lékué rice cooker, $47, Williams-Sonoma.

4 things our food editors love this monthLekue rice cooker

A Valentine's treat

Mmmmm, chocolate. The latest book from one of our fave authors is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to all things chocolate, with great recipes and spectacular photography to boot.

Chocolate at Home, Will Torrent, $36.

4 things our food editors love this monthChocolate at Home


The humble brownie has escalated in years gone by into the must-have product in any and every café, pâtisserie or restaurant. I think we love it because it is just so versatile as a dessert – enjoy it hot with ice cream, chilled and fudgy from the fridge, topped with ganache or simply dusted with icing/confectioners’ sugar or cocoa powder. And best of all there isn’t that much washing up at the end!

4 things our food editors love this monthTorrent's maple-pecan brownies

Sweet hearts

Whip up a little grade school nostalgia this Valentine's Day with homemade candy conversation hearts. It's just a simple dough made of icing sugar and flavoured gelatin powder. Use cookie cutters, food colouring pens and rubber letter stamps to customize your own notes and let romance bloom.

4 things our food editors love this monthCandy conversation hearts

A cooker that gives you perfect rice every time, a decadent new cookbook (plus a recipe sneak peek!), and a sweetheart of a treat are the things our food editors are talking about this month. Click through the gallery, and use the pink "up" arrow to get more information.


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