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Kitchen Fix: Add a catch-up day to stay organized

We're on our way to a sparkling, organized and fully stocked kitchen – but we need some time to catch up after the long weekend. Join us as we tie up the loose ends and prepare for challenge #7.
Kitchen cabinet Get caught up on our month-long Kitchen Fix today!

How’s your Kitchen Fix going so far? I was doing great until Tuesday’s deep clean. I got about halfway through when fatigue set in. But that’s what today’s challenge is about: it’s catch-up time!

Another thing I’m struggling with is whether or not to toss an old baking dish I’ve had for years. It’s been my baked bean pot, my no-knead bread pot and my apple crumble dish. But it’s badly chipped and has three seams in the enamel, so it has to go. Right?

For my holiday planning, I’ve also decided which gifts I’ll be making for friends and hostesses (shh, it’s our incredible crunchy maple-nut granola and super-easy vanilla bean syrup) and I’ve been gathering cute jars for the syrup.

Best of all, we successfully turned an underused closet into a totally useful (and turquoise!) pantry. Now I have a place to stash big tins of olive oil, the slow cooker and everything else that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter.

clean pantry

Next up, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a sale on butter so I can stock up for the holidays. And very soon it will be time to start my annual Christmas cakes. But in the meantime, let’s take a day to catch up on tasks and get excited for the next few weeks. It takes a bit of work now…but it will pay off during holiday season.


Here are a few of my favourite quick and easy dinners to free up your time:
Artichoke and lemon pasta
Spicy wild salmon cakes
Bacon grilled cheese sandwich 

Good luck and have fun. And don’t forget to share your photos and progress with us onFacebookTwitter or Instagram with the hashtag #kitchenfix.

- Claire, Food Director.


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