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6 steps to a squeaky clean kitchen

Why wait until spring to get started on a good cleaning? Give your kitchen a little love this month, and set yourself up for culinary success with these tips.
kitchen marble counter flower vase yellow tulips window cutting board spring cleaning organized sink 6 steps to a clean kitchen. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Why wait until spring to get started on a good cleaning? I find if I take the time to scrub and wash every nook of my kitchen, I can instantly breathe a little easier and am more inspired to get in there and try something new. Giving your kitchen a little love will save you from lots of future stress and, more importantly, will set you up for culinary success! So pull up your hair, throw on your favourite tunes and power through these six steps:

1. Wipe: Get a bowl of soapy water and tackle any stuck-on stains you find on your cabinets and countertops.

2. Vacuum: Especially your drawers! Crumbs have a way of getting in every nook and cranny, along with dust and dirt.

3. Clean: Your oven! I know this can be really time consuming, especially if you’re like me and don’t have one that self cleans, but it’s so important to get rid of any stuck-on bits before it starts working overtime during the colder months. (If left, these bits will begin to burn, the smoke adding an off-colour flavour to your food as well as smoking up the kitchen.)

4. Mop: A quick once-over will make your floor look as good as new.


5. Soak: Get rid of calcium build-up in your kettle and pots by soaking them with white vinegar. Let stand at least 10 minutes and watch the calcium wash away with a good rinse.

6. Scrub: Your metal pans and baking sheets. Simply sprinkle coarse salt over tough stains and wipe in a circular motion using a damp kitchen cloth. It couldn’t be easier.

Bonus #1: Clean your cast iron with baking soda. Sprinkle a few tablespoons over your pan, top with water and simmer over low heat to gently remove any build-up. Rinse and dry well before storing to avoid rust.

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Bonus #2: Make a natural, scented household cleaner. Fill a 500-mL jar with white vinegar then add the peel from a grapefruit, lemon or orange. Cover and let stand for a few days until the oils from the citrus infuse. Use on any hard surface, like your sink, countertop or stove.


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