Why you might have to bake without butter this holiday season

As Canadians face a potential butter shortage, we've got butter-free holiday recipes just in case you can't get your hands on the good stuff.
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Recent research showing saturated fats weren't as harmful as previously thought left many rejoicing — and ditching margarine in favour of butter. In fact, so many people are embracing the delicious staple that Canadians might be facing a shortage.

The general manager of Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia, Brian Cameron, told the CBC that dairy boards are trying to avoid a shortage over the holidays, when increased demand puts additional strain on an already tightly-managed butter supply.

But we don't need to panic just yet, according to the director of policy and trade for the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

“Just last year there’s been an increase of about six to eight percent of the production level as a response to meet that increased demand and the Canadian Dairy Commission has just announced an additional increase of quota of two per cent starting Dec. 1,” Yves Leduc told the Canadian Press.

The bad news is the dairy commission has no control over what happens at your local grocery store. So if this news propelled bakers into a butter binge-shopping frenzy that has left your local dairy shelves bare, try making one of these five holiday treats that don't need butter. Bonus: all but one are no-bake.


If you really can't do without the good stuff, don't worry — we also have a recipe for making your own butter.



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