Surgery...HERE I COME!

YIKES! So today I received a call letting me know I’ll likely have my knee surgery next Friday…barring any major medical emergencies that would trump me. It’s funny, to want something so badly but at the same time, to be so completely terrified. It’s times like these as well, that you realize how great your friends really are. My parents can’t come up until the Monday the 27th, and since my surgery is on the 24th, I have a whole three days where I need babysitting from various people. Preferably, someone I’m not embarassed to be drugged up in front of. I’ve had so many offers from so many kind friends to be willing to take care of me. They are so good to me. In my last post, I mentioned my friend Joe, who is on course in Trenton, not very far away. We had fun plans for next weekend up in Ottawa, dancing (a favourite past time) and visiting some old friends. Well, now it’s going to involve him taking me to the hospital, sitting there all day, then looking after me until Sunday. Initially, my concern was that he would be seeing me while I drool for lack of control over my actions, while my eyes roll back into my head from medication, and while I try to lumber my way to the bathroom on crutches. Then I realized we’ve already survived weeks in the field where we couldn’t have been dirtier, sweatier, or more repulsive. We also saw each other angry, in pain and frustrated. We have seen the absolute best and the absolute worst in each other. So next weekend should be no different. I know I can be myself with him. If my meds make me drool, he’ll get me a bib. If I need more pain meds, he’ll fetch me some water. That’s somehow comforting even though I’m about to be sliced open. It’s funny….he carried me for 3Km when I broke my leg…now he’ll be there 6 years later when it gets fixed. Poetic, isn’t it? Since Joe flys back to Comox on Sunday, I need someone to take over the “Kelly Care” from next Sunday until the Monday. I managed to rope in my poor friend Chantal. She’s exactly the kind of person I need to look after me…funny, caring, and cheerful. We don’t know each other terribly well as we only met during the Olympics, but there’s no better way to hurry along the “get-to-know-you” process than for her to help me get to the bathroom and change my clothes! Ha!! So yes, I’m a smidge nervous. But also very lucky to have a great support network who is willing to band together and make sure I have everything I need. Thanks, Joe, Chantal, and Mom and Dad. I’ll pay you back somehow. Even though I know you’ll never expect me to. Kelly

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