Social quandary: My cousin’s fiance cheated at his bachelor party

The groom was so drunk he probably doesn’t remember what happened. Should I keep quiet, or speak up and possibly ruin their relationship?

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My cousin and her fiance have been together for six years. I was invited to the groom’s bachelor party, along with three of our cousins and his friends. We went to the strip club, and all the guys got really drunk. Next thing I know, things with the strippers escalated and without getting into the nitty-gritty, serious cheating occurred in front of everyone – then the groom headed to the back with one of the strippers. All of us feel awful and uncomfortable that we essentially helped pay for the groom to cheat on our cousin. Obviously that wasn’t our intention – it was just supposed to be a fun boys’ night out. The groom was so drunk, I don’t even know if he remembers what he did. None of us know if we should say anything, but she’s our cousin. We don’t want to ruin their six-year relationship based on a wild bachelor party. Furthermore, she may blame us forever for not stepping in when it was happening. What should I do?

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