Meet the models

Chatelaine editor-in-chief Jane Francisco and CityLine host Tracy Moore talk about why they chose to model in the Heart Truth fashion show


1. Why was it important for you to participate in this event?
JANE – My family has a history of heart disease. In addition to that, when we did the big heart disease story in our March issue it just really sent home the importance of women understanding what their risks are, what they can be doing and how they can be preventing problems.
TRACY – Who could turn down the chance to be clothed by a renowned Canadian designer and raise awareness about a serious illness at the same time? When the organizers approached me to model in the Heart Truth Fashion Show it was a no-brainer. I can’t wait!

2. Is heart disease something you knew much about before becoming involved with the campaign? If not, what have you learned since becoming involved?
JANE – The story that we did I think was the most eye opening for me. What was really interesting was being involved in putting that piece together and hearing some personal stories. I don’t want to focus on the scariness of it, but it does make you realize. It brings it closer to home and you start to think about the importance of knowing the signs because fatalities can be prevented.
TRACY – I had no idea heart disease was the number one cause of death in Canadian women before I decided to participate. My late aunt passed away a week before her 51st birthday in 2007. She died from a heart attack. She’s the first person I thought about when I was asked to be in this show.

3. Have you done any modelling before?
JANE – Oh yes. This is funny because I forgot about this until yesterday when I was having a conversation and talking about when I used to model. When I was in my early twenties I modelled for a couple of years, it helped pay for university for me which is great. I have a lot of things to thank it for. In fact I met a lot of people in the industry who are compelling and interesting and are still part of my life. One of the jobs that I did in those couple of years was with Chatelaine, so somewhere in the archives is some small picture of me in a kind of crafted Bedouin tent thing, sitting totally uncomfortably with my hair all done.
TRACY – I had the chance to walk in a Fashion Week show last fall and it was great. Of course that was active wear and there were no stilettos involved. Also, I wasn’t five months pregnant as I am now so this will be much more interesting.

4. We’ve seen some pretty creative walks at past Heart Truth shows. Who will you be channelling as you head down the catwalk?
JANE – I’m not sure. I’m not a big performer.
TRACY – I will be channelling my inner diva and the hidden supermodel I never became as I tear up that runway. Honestly, I’ll be thinking of any model that has managed to stay upright and NOT wipeout on the catwalk.

5. What are you most nervous about going into the event?
JANE – I just don’t want to turn over on my ankle or have my dress fall off.
TRACY – I probably won’t really feel nervous until I hear the words “Go!” and it’s my turn to stomp down the catwalk. For now I’m just excited to see how my Joeffer Caoc original fits over my burgeoning baby bump.

6. What are you most excited about?
JANE – My dress. David Dixon designed it and I think it’s going to be stunning.
TRACY – The dress! And meeting some of the most respected women in the Canadian spotlight. That will be cool.

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