4 Artisanal Indigenous Subscription Boxes We Love

A seasonal subscription box is a way to support an Indigenous business while getting a treat yourself. Each of these is lovingly packaged and culturally responsible, and full of award-winning novels, stunning beaded jewellery, gorgeous dream catchers or something even better.

Two Raven Reads boxes sit next to each other, on the left, one is closed with the company logo showing on the front, and the one on the right is open showcasing the gifts offered inside

(Photo: Randy Friesen)

Raven Reads began when Métis and Cree CEO and co-founder Nicole McLaren launched an Indigenous-authors only book club at work and saw the impact on her non-Indigenous coworkers, who began to understand how intergenerational trauma ripples across communities. Every three months, subscribers receive a new book along with gifts from Indigenous businesses—maybe Cheekbone Beauty lip gloss or beans from Birch Bark Coffee. There’s a kids’ version, too. $70 to $329,

Two Equinox Boxes sit next to each other, on one the left is closed to showcase the company's logo on the box, and the one on the right is open to show the gifts offered inside

(Photo: Erik Putz)

Equinox Box is all about self-care. Each season brings journals, bath products, music or artwork created by Indigenous small business owners, primarily women. Curated by Diana Frost, who is Algonquin Métis, each box is sent out around the time of the spring or fall equinox or solstice, and includes Elders’ teachings on how to balance oneself during that seasonal change. The goal is that recipients feel more grounded and mindful. $75,

An Offering Box in the background is closed to show the company's logo, with gifts that come inside the box laying in the foreground

(Photo: Erik Putz)

The Offering Box is a collaboration between Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee co-founders Sarah Podemski, Amye Annett-Werner and Shelby Johnson. Each woman had a small business— selling things like modern dream catchers, beaded earrings and semi-precious gemstone jewellery—before they decided to combine their talents. Seasonally curated gift boxes also include additional goods from a rotation of Indigenous makers, like herbal teas from Six Nations’ Wildflowers Apothecary. $98,

An Indigenous Box sits on the left side, closed to show the company's logo, and another sits on the right beside it, showcasing the gifts that are offered inside

(Photo: Erik Putz)

Indigenous Box launched in March, sold out once, restocked, and sold out again. Created by Mallory Yawnghwe from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, each box offers six or seven items from Indigenous entrepreneurs, showcasing Indigenous businesses and artists from across Canada. The seasonal subscription promises a wide scope of items in each box, including bath and beauty products, snacks, jewellery and artwork. $300 per year,

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