Your Weekly Horoscope: September 15 - September 21, 2021

Embrace the momentary discomfort of change, Scorpio.
Your Weekly Horoscope: September 15 - September 21, 2021

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Some things have not gone the way you want them to. They’re not feeling easy and you may even be having some struggles. But here’s the thing, Virgo, even though things feel hard, maybe they’re bad, but maybe they aren’t. If you stop resisting your situation and accept where you’re at you can actually learn something about yourself or your life that you really need to. Embrace this moment and your capacity to make sweet delicious lemonade out of whatever lemons have come your way.

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Illustration of a woman with brown hair wearing a pink flower crown and white shirt on a pink background represents Virgo astrological sign for this week's horoscopes, September 6 to 12, 2017Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

If you look for it, there’s always something to be gained or at the very least, learned from difficult life experiences. When suffering has meaning it is much easier to bear. This week is likely to confront you with something that is—on a personal and deep level—hard for you. Look for the patterns that are being highlighted so that you can respond to what’s important instead of to what is agitating you.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 15 - September 21, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

In order to make any kind of meaningful change or to create the life that you want, you need to be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you. You have a pretty good vision of where you want to be, but that doesn’t mean that’s what it’ll take to get there. Embrace the momentary discomfort of change, Scorpio. As the saying goes, the only way to do it is through it.

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A woman with a scorpion tattoo represents the astrological sign of scorpio.Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The full moon on the 20th will bring with it the opportunity to let go of attachments to how things “should” be or look. If you spend your energy leading up to it this week clarifying what is authentic and most heartfelt for you, you will be best poised to make use of this momentous occasion. There is no rush, only now. Own your truth in the here and now and the foundation for tomorrow will be that much stronger.

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woman holding bow and arrow represents sagittarius astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You’ve come a long way baby. You may be feeling impatient to get to the next step or frustrated by the very real delays in front of you. The truth is that you are exactly where you need to be, Capricorn. If you can accept this moment and the work that is in front of you, you can make the most of it. Learn from your past, commit to the present and honour what you know you’ll need in the future. Take it step-by-step this week.

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woman with antlers represents capricorn astrological symbolIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You may have to respond to other people’s ideas about where you should be or what you should be doing this week. Take the space you need to figure out for yourself what you think is most important for your well-being and abundance. Don’t exist in a vacuum Aquarius—working with others is key. Just make sure that you don’t abandon or lie to yourself or others in the process. Even when it’s uncomfortable, the truth is your best bet.

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woman holding overflowing water jug over her head represents aquarius astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Feb. 19-March 20

On the 20th there’s a full moon in your sign and it’s likely to kick up some major feelings this week. Don’t worry if you have a case of the sads; your feelings may need to have a flow a bit this week. Your ability to be present with whatever comes up is being challenged, Pisces. Don’t attach to that which is transitory. Allow room for things to change and grow and for you to change and grow alongside them.

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two fish in a fish bowl represent pisces astological symbolIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


March 21-April 19

The role that fear plays in your life is worth considering this week. If you’re scared of being lonely or feeling sad, you may distract yourself with busyness and work. If you’re scared of confrontation, you may pretend that you’re OK with things that don’t actually sit right with you. It’s hard to be honest with yourself about difficult emotional issues, but it’s absolutely worth it and it’s time, Aries.

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woman with brown hair blowing on a horn represents aries astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


April 20-May 20

Don’t let the small stuff get you down, Taurus. This week your best bet is to focus on the big picture and whatever you can do to support that. There may be compromises, small and large, that you need to make in order to get to where you want to go. Explore whether you are compromising yourself or simply easing off of control and professionalism. This will require that you don’t get too distracted by little upsets and disappointments; take care of your emotional well-being to maintain a healthy perspective.

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Woman wrestling with a bull represents taurus astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


May 21-June 21

Having a healthy and well-adjusted ego is a practice. This week you are being called to take up more space, but if it’s not done in a healthy way it could really backfire on you, twin star. Embody your truth and your boundaries without trying to control or manipulate others. Everyone moves at their own pace and the only person who’s progress you need to clock is your own. Embody power without needing to prove anything to anyone but yourself.

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identical women face each other symbolizing gemini astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


June 22-July 22

Finding your truth is so empowering, even when it forces you to confront things you are uncomfortable with. Don’t worry so much about what to do or what others will think; this is the time to cultivate or embrace what you do know. Next week you can make a plan, but this is the time to explore your inner knowing and the boundaries that are healthy to embody in honor of where you’re at, sweet moonchild.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 15 - September 21, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


July 23-Aug. 22

You may be finding yourself struggling with insecurities or uncertainties this week and as demoralizing as that may be, it’s not permanent. You’ve been holding on tight to something or someone that you know, in your heart of hearts, that you need to let go of. Now is the time to be brave and make peace with what you already know. There’s nothing to do; just be here with whatever is real for the time being, Leo.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 15 - September 21, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


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