12 things the Chatelaine office is buzzing about this week

From webcam stalkers to work crushes, sap water to super easy DIYs, here are a few of the things the Chatelaine team is talking about this week.
By Jillian Bell and Jenna Wallace
Have more sex, make more money!

Need to know now

Who knew? Upping your time in the bedroom can increase your paycheque! And as if you need more motivation, getting steamy is also great for your health.

We were shocked when we read this ridiculously rude letter to the mother of autistic teen. Warning: It will make your blood boil.

Can't stop thinking about that cute coworker? Find out how to handle a crush when you're already committed.

Could creeps be spying on you through your webcam? Click here to find out more about the scary new trend of webcam sextortion.

Remember Amanda Lindhout, the Canadian journalist held hostage in Somalia in 2008? Our office is buzzing about the upcoming debut of her brave new memoir.


Talk about a pick me up! We can't help but smile after hearing about this plane that turned back to pick up a young cancer patient on her way to camp.

Look and feel your best

Check out what happened to this health nut after a week of eating the average woman's diet. Does your diet need a tune up? Find out how fruits and veggies can save your life.

Next time you're feeling lonely, fight the urge to cling to your credit card. Here are four fun ways to feel up when you're down!

Not only is drinking tea ultra-calming, but turns out preparing it can be too! Be sure to take some time to meditate with your tea.


Try these trends

Take tile to a new level with these cute and quirky home projects.

Cool down with this all-Canadian sap water.

We're obsessed with this cool new take on the classic souvenir pin. Sew a few on your favourite bag for an instant upgrade.


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