Kind Cycle

Leanna donated food

With the holidays being a particularly a tough time for struggling families, Leanna Burden wanted to help by giving food donations
By Chatelaine
Leanna Burden donating food, Chatelaine art intern, #kindcycle Leanna collecting food to donate

Who are you: Leanna Burden, Art Intern

What was your kindness deed: I donated food

Why did you want to do this: To help contribute to those who are less fortunate, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

How did it make you feel: So many families rely on food donations to get by, and the holidays can be particularly tough. It made me feel lucky to be able to give back, and hopeful that it will make the holiday season a little bit brighter for someone in need.

Click here for ways to spread holiday cheer and tag your own photos on Facebook and Twitter with #kindcycle @chatelainemag — we’d love to see them! For information on the KindCycle and more ways to get involved starting January, click here.


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