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How To Create The Ultimate Space To Work From Home

Whether you're working from a home office or the kitchen table, here are 10 Ikea pieces that will create a space that inspires you to get the job done.
By Sarah Laing
How To Create The Ultimate Space To Work From Home

In partnership with IKEA

Whether you’ve got an entire room to yourself or simply designated a corner of your living room as your home office, creating a WFH space that works—and that inspires you—is crucial to getting the job done.

However, setting up a home office requires a little more strategy than you might apply to your office cubicle. This space is embedded into where you live, 24/7,  and the real estate it takes up needs to be as functional as it is beautiful. More than ever, our homes should be places that fill us with joy. And nothing sucks the cozy out of a room like stacks of reports and wild tangles of computer cords.

Enter Ikea. From clever storage solutions to eye-pleasing accents, here are 10 pieces that will make your WFH space an inspired one.

Ikea Odger Chair - light brown and adjustable

1. A proper chair 

Do your back a favour: set yourself up for success with the Odger swivel chair. Not only can you adjust for height, but its ergonomic seat and back are engineered to maximize comfort, all day long. ($129)

White desk with drawers

2. An actual desk 

No matter what corner of your home you tuck it into, the sleek and understated Micke desk will fit right in. ($99)

Pink IKEA mug on the kitchen table beside a bowl of berries

3. A “work” coffee mug 

Much like heading to the office coffee machine always felt like a ritual that started the day, sipping on this Strimmig mug (in mood-boosting pink!) will click your brain into Productivity Mode. ($4)

Wall-mounted peg board with stationary and pens

4. A place to put all that paper

Not only does the Skådis pegboard give you a place to post important info (think passwords, phone numbers) it’s also a great way to zone off your WFH space from the rest of the room. Plus, pin up a few art prints to inject some personality into your workspace. ($24)

Hanging pothos plant

5, 6 and 7. Decorative touches to make this space feel like you


Speaking of personality, these added touches—a no-maintenance Fejka artificial plant, a pop of colour from the multi-functional Anilinare desk organizer, and the softness of the Ingabritta throw over your chair—are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you sit down to work. ($10, $4, $30)

IKEA white fur rug

8. A rug to ground everything

Put down this Rens sheepskin underneath your workspace and watch it do double-duty: Not only does it visually create a sense of separation from the rest of the room, it will warm your toes during those endless Zoom calls. ($40)

IKEA mounted speaker as a bedside table

9. A way to play some energy-lifting tunes

The Symfonisk wi-fi bookshelf speaker is a seamless way to get your favourite productivity-boosting beats pumping throughout your space—and can also function as a shelf. ($149)

White IEKA desk lamp in a home office

10. A light source that works over time 

It’s an interior design cliche, but the right light really does set the mood for a space. Even better, the Riggad LED work lamp also doubles as a wireless phone charger. ($80)