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The Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Whether you're looking to keep your kibble fresher for longer or want to prevent a wily pet from breaking into the bag, here are 10 great options.
The Best Dog Food Storage Containers

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If my dogs had their way, I’d store their kibble in a giant mountain on the floor, buffet-style. But since they do not, I use a dog food storage container. 

My personal pick is unconventional, but I chose it because it stores a large amount of food. (I have two active big dogs and my pick can hold an 11-kg bag of kibble.) It also has *most* of the features you should look for in a dog food storage container. 

First and foremost, a good dog food storage container should be dog-proof. In my case, there’s just no way that my always peckish pups, a golden retriever and a doodle, can figure out how to open the lid—and not for lack of trying.

Secondly, a dog food storage container should be odour-proof. I keep mine in the kitchen, but you could never tell what’s inside. 


Thirdly, look for a container that is designed well. My dogs can’t open the container I use, but I can do so easily. It also fits well with my kitchen decor.

A final factor to consider when purchasing a dog food storage container is whether it’s perfectly airtight. My storage container has a decent seal but it's not airtight, meaning that older kibble might not taste as fresh as it did the day I bought it. But I’ve had zero complaints thus far. 

Our picks for best dog food storage containers 2024

Harry Barker Dog Food Storage Canister, $114


A black and white farmhouse-style dog food storage container.

This stainless steel farmhouse-style dog food storage container is by far the most aesthetically pleasing option on our list. It has an airtight seal and is available in three sizes. This option, which holds 40 lbs, is the largest. Reviewers note it accommodates a large bag of kibble with ease.


Van Ness Food Dispenser, $12

A clear dog food storage container that holds 4lbs of food.

This affordable, durable, dishwasher-safe dog food storage container is perfect for small dogs or cats. It also makes a great travel option. It's made from food-grade plastic, holds up to 4 lbs of kibble, has an airtight locking lid and fits easily into most kitchen cupboards.

4 Cats & Dogs Kibble Container, $68


A small grey countertop dog food storage container

This sleek countertop storage container is perfect for keeping a few days’ worth of kibble close at hand. It can store up to 10 kg of dog food, depending on the size of the kibble. It's made from food-safe BPA-free materials, its lid clicks securely shut and it comes with a measuring scoop.

Tiovery Upgraded Small Dog Food Storage Container, $20

A plastic dog food storage container with an attached measuring cup.

This affordable, compact and airtight dog food storage container can hold up to 3 lbs of kibble. It's made from food grade, BPA-free plastic and comes with a measuring scoop that conveniently screws on to the spout, while the handle makes it easy to tote.

InciFuerza Dog Food Storage Container, $37

A grey and white collapsible dog food storage container.


Consider this collapsible model two containers in one. At full size, it can accommodate up to 15 lbs of dog kibble. When collapsed, it can hold half that amount, making it another good option for travel. It’s made from food grade-, BPA-free material, it has a silicone seal and magnetic snap, and it also includes a scoop.

Mighty Tuff Pet Food Storage Container, $78

A large vault-style dog food storage container.

A great option for households with multiple dogs, this large vault-style container can hold up to 54 lbs of kibble. It’s tough enough to leave outdoors, is made from food grade-, BPA-free plastic and is guaranteed to remain free from water damage. Amazon reviewers love the sturdy construction and tight twist lock; one swears that their picky eater enjoys his kibble more because this container keeps it tasting fresh.


Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Storage Container, $55

A white dog food storage container with a screw-in lid.

This sturdy container is made from recycled, food-grade BPA-free materials, features an airtight lid that locks in freshness and comes with a scoop. It can accommodate up to 35 lbs of small-size kibble and slightly less than 35 lbs of larger kibble.


What the Vittles Vault lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in functionality: Amazon users rave about its durability and quality design.

WeatherPro Airtight 52-L Pet Food Container with Attachable Casters, $45

A dark brown dog food storage container on wheels.

This food-grade BPA-free storage container wins on two fronts. For starters, it’s massive. As many reviewers note, it can accommodate a large bag of kibble. Secondly, it’s on wheels—making it easy to store out of sight, and then roll out at meal time.


It also has a lid that locks shut, while its slight transparency means you’ll always know how much kibble is left.

Simplehuman 45-L Slim Hands-Free Kitchen Step Trash Can, $160

A silver simplehuman trash can, used in a post on dog food storage containers.

Okay, this is a) on the expensive side and b) technically a garbage can, but it has served me incredibly well as a dog food storage container for more than 10 years. I love that it’s hands-free to open and also—as I mentioned—that it’s able to store a large amount of kibble.


As a result, I only need to refill it one or two times a month. I keep a measuring scoop inside the bin so that I can easily dole out the right amount of food at mealtime. As previously noted, it’s not technically airtight but I have not found this to be an issue. It’s available in brushed stainless steel or white.

Simplehuman 30-L Pet Food Storage Container, $224

A matte black simple human dog food storage container.


Simplehuman also makes a dedicated pet food storage container that’s available in three finishes: brushed stainless steel, white and this sharp matte black.

Unlike the model I use, this one is made from food grade-, BPA-free materials and comes with an airtight seal, locked handle and scoop. However, it holds less dog food and is also more expensive.


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