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Here’s How To Turn Your Depressing Work Cubicle Into A Happy, Colourful (And Functional) Space

Yes, you *can* make even the dreariest of cubicles warm and inviting.

Is cubicle decor a thing? It certainly is. And it’s your ticket to a happier, more productive work day. This week, in our Youtube video series The Home Primp, Home Editor Alexandra Gater set out to transform a small, dark and unorganized office cubicle into a bright, happy and healthy workspace.

The challenge:

Cubicles are almost always dark, cramped and difficult to keep organized. This one was no exception. It was lacking colour and was piled with papers and clutter.

Messy office cubicle

The cubicle decor makeover process:

Gater not only brightened the small space with lots of bright colours and patterns, but also made the space feel super cozy by bringing in elements from home, like a table lamp and plants. She used string lights for ambience and to display personal photos and inspirational quotes. She also added an essential oil diffuser to create a calming environment.

Office cubicle decor

How much we spent:


Watch the full transformation, above.

Products featured:

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