How to make a cozy Christmas tree topper

Sweet Paul Magazine founder Paul Lowe shares a cool DIY tree topper using an old sweater.


Photo by Sian Richards

We asked Paul Lowe, editor and food stylist for, to share a cool holiday craft, his favourite holiday tradition, and what he hopes to find under the Christmas tree.


The craft: Sweater tree star topper 

All you need for this cool craft is a cardboard star, an old sweater, a hot-glue gun and a piece of wire. I guess it’s my Scandinavian upbringing, but I get such a warm, cozy winter feeling from wool sweaters.

Here’s what you’ll need

An old sweater

Good scissors

Piece of cardboard

Hot glue gun



1. Draw and cut out your star shape on a smooth piece of cardboard.

2. Cut a piece of the sweater into a square so that is slightly larger than the star.

3. Glue the sweater piece to the front of the star using a hot glue gun, make sure to get the fabric into all cracks.

4. Cut the fabric between the pointy parts of the star and hot glue the extra fabric on the back.

5. Hot glue the wire to the back of the star.


Favourite holiday tradition: A few days before Christmas I have a gift-wrapping marathon. I put on old holiday tunes, drink port and sing along. As I get more and more tipsy the wrapping gets more creative, and I usually fall asleep on the couch surrounded by paper and ribbon with only the dog to witness my shame.

Under the tree: I hope to find something in an orange box. A large one! I’ve been very good this year, Santa.


Sweet-Paul-Magazine-editor-and-stylist-Paul-Lowe editor and stylist Paul Lowe

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