10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work

Grab one of these tried-and-tested picks to ensure you stay stink-free all day long.
10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work

If you’d like to avoid the ingredients often found in many off-the-shelf deodorants and antiperspirants, making the switch to an aluminum-free variety is a great step, but one that can take a bit of getting used to.

Though these products may reduce your protection against sweat, they will ensure you’re covered for odour and some absorbency.

And while you may have to reapply them more often, the natural ingredients and aluminum-free formulas will give you peace of mind.

natural deodorants

Kaia Naturals

This 99-percent natural black-coloured stick (which goes on clear) is charcoal-based and free of parabens, baking soda and propylene glycol. You’re meant to wear it for 30 consecutive days, allowing your body to adjust. Our dedicated tester said her body odour did eventually level out but stresses the deodorant works in “stages” so you may smell along the way. 

What’s in it: Charcoal powder, aloe and milk of magnesia.

Takesumi Detox Charcoal Deodorant, $21, kaianaturals.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work

Leaves of Trees

This cream version comes in a convenient tube package for easy application, and our editor who uses it religiously says, “I swear my pits start to sweat less after a few days of use.”

What’s in it: Clay, lots of organic oils (like argan, peppermint and eucalyptus) and vitamin E.

Leaves of Trees Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant, $15.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


Earth Science

For those with an adversion to not only natural-smelling products (we’re looking at you, patchouli and tea tree), but all scents, Earth Science’s unscented stick is for you.

What’s in it: Lichen extract is the secret to this deodorant’s odour-control.

Earth Science Liken Natural Deodorant, $9,

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


This sweetly-scented roll-on deodorant (it smells of coconut sorbet, white blossom and wild vanilla) is alcohol-free and won’t leave white marks on your clothing.

What’s in it: A paraben-free combination of white alum and silver powder that provides long-lasting protection.

Nuxe Body Deodorant, $15, Hudson’s Bay.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work

Dr. Hauschka

Our test-editor applied this low-alcohol, non-oily roll-on on normal days as well as before a workout and yoga session, and she said it kept her dry and fresh-smelling. Plus, she liked the mild tingling sensation from the mint.

What’s in it: Natural antimicrobials like sage and witch hazel essences.

Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant, $28, Hudson’s Bay.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work



Not only does this spray-on eliminate odour, but it reduces wetness too. Our team’s devotee tried eight natural deodorants before finding this one — and she loves that it doesn’t leave yellow stains on her white tees.

What’s in it: Liquid mineral salts and a blend of essential oils, like patchouli and lavender.

Saje Exotic Crystal Fresh Deodorant, $13.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


If you can get behind a cream application, then this Calgary-based brand run by two sisters has a formula (there are three: original, vegan and sensitive) and scent (there are 12) for you. We’re partial to Sweet Jane, which smells of vanilla and pear. Bonus: one jar will last you three to six months!

What’s in it: The clay and beeswax formula also contains coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter and vitamin E.

Routine Sweet Jane, $28.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


Another made-in-Canada selection, this citrus-scented cream is super fast-absorbing and mess-free. Here’s what our test-editor had to say: “I’ve heard that natural deodorants don’t stop you from sweating, but this one does a really great job at keeping it dry under there.”

What’s in it: Natural soda, non-GMO corn starch, organic vegetable glycerine and a combination of six essential oils.

Purelygreat Women’s Citrus, $15.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Shake it up and roll it on: This tea tree–scented formula will keep you fresh for up to six hours (just make sure to let it dry before putting your shirt on, or you might feel a bit wet). The fresh scent is great for men and women alike.

What’s in it: Aloe vera leaf extract, olive waxes, tea tree leaf oil, peppermint leaf oil. 

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Tea Tree Deodorant, $9.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work


Toronto-based Lovefresh creates both stick and cream deodorants. Our test-editor tried a stick in Lemon Verbena, and while she found she needed to reapply once throughout the day, she looked forward to it thanks to the fresh, but not overpowering, scent.

What’s in it: Fair trade shea butter, coconut oil, clay, baking soda, coconut-derived wax and essential oils.

Lovefresh Natural Cream Deodorant Stick, $24.

10 aluminum-free deodorants that actually work

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