How one of Canada's renowned yoga teachers stays blissful

Imagine channeling the energy of the ocean into yourself. Read on to find out how Eoin Finn is bringing the power of nature into every day life.
Eoin Finn doing yoga in nature Eoin Finn (Photo Katie Ediger/all rights reserved by Blissology Yoga).

We all know how important it is to get outside, not only for our stress levels, but also to absorb the sun's essential vitamin D. But what if we could take it a step further and learn to channel the beauty of nature into a powerful tool with which we see life from a clearer perspective?

Enter Eoin Finn.

With a new DVD series, aptly titled Earth.Body.Yoga, on the way, the Canadian yogi, surfer and self-proclaimed blissologist is world-renowned for his unique approach to wellness. He's even worked with Olympians and pro athletes, teaching them his more holistic view of fitness. Finn gave us a peek inside his world to help us better understand how we can connect with nature, and ourselves.

Q: How did you find your way to fitness?
A: Through sports. I love sports, especially the ones that get me outside.

Q: What’s your morning routine? A: I wake up early usually around 5:30 a.m. I start with my unique concoction of matcha/spirulina tea with toast and almond butter. Then I usually respond to a few emails before enjoying a nice yoga practice that is anywhere from 45-60 minutes long. It’s always a race to fit it in before our two-and-a-half year old wakes up because when he does, it’s 100 percent playtime. If he wakes up before I finish, a lot of times we do yoga together and I even use him as a yoga prop to get deeper stretches. It’s a joy.

Q: What one thing do you always make sure is stocked in your fridge? A: Arugula. It’s my favourite in salads or sautéed. My mantra is, “if it’s green, it’s my scene!” Whoever named this amazing leaf knew how incredible it makes us feel because the name sounds like a Roman emperor! I feel like one after I eat it.


Q: Do you regularly see any health practitioners? A: Sure. I have a great chiropractor in Vancouver and our whole family goes once every few months. People ask why we go even if our backs aren’t sore, but it is so preventative. Of course, we love massage. I am a big fan of Thai massage in particular. I also love acupuncture, but I don’t go as often as I should.

Q: When do you feel your absolute best and healthiest? A: I tell people that I am a triathlete; surf, yoga and hammock are my events! When I get all three in the same day, combined with high-prana whole foods, my bliss factor goes off the charts. A big part of the joy in this is living close to the ocean and its rhythms. I always tell people that if you really want to be healthy and happy, have an intimate relationship with nature.

This lifestyle really does it all for me. I try and share it through our retreats and training at beaches around the world.

Eoin Finn displays his yoga-nature connection Eoin Finn displays his yoga-nature connection (Photo Mike Bernard, all rights reserved by Blissology Yoga).

Q: What’s the best advice you were ever given? A: "Follow your bliss." I listened to Joseph Campbell’s interviews on PBS when I was still in high school and it allowed me to really tap into sharing a life where I shared what my heart wanted to bring into the world and silence all the 'shoulds' that society told me I had to live by.


Q: Do you have any non-negotiables in terms of vices or guilty pleasures? A: I love Greek-style thick yogurt. My test for good yogurt is if you have a spoonful of it and turn it upside down, it stays on your spoon. If it falls off, it isn’t for me! I eat it almost every day. It is my favourite dessert.

Q: Who is your fitness inspiration? A: Kelly Slater, the pro-surfer. No doubt. There are about a dozen surf contests on the internet throughout the year and no matter what time zone they are on, I am always watching and cheering him on. The main reason is because he is now 41 and at the peak of his game! Personally, I know through my yoga practice that I feel better at sports now than I did at age 20. We don’t have to buy into the myth society tells us that we peak in our twenties. He has won 11 world titles and on the verge of maybe winning another. His competitors are young enough to be his sons but his training regimen has allowed him to keep improving his flexibility, agility and fitness to keep up with the progressive maneuvers.

Q: How can someone stuck in an office all day reconnect with nature? Or find their bliss? A: Going to a mountain-top would be an ideal way to really connect to nature but even in the middle of a city we can find something beautiful like a cloud, a plant, or even the air itself. Practise what we call in Blissology, a “Nature Appreciation Moment.” See the miracle of life in that beautiful object.

Einstein says it best: we can view our life as if nothing is a miracle or if everything is a miracle. Then spend three minutes in quietness, just relaxing, breathing and simply observing. You will receive the “transmission of the beautiful” straight to your heart and your whole body will vibrate with peace and joy. No day should be without these moments.

For more on Eoin's philosophy read his Happy Map here. Tell us how you connect with nature in the comment section below.


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