How to exercise in the heat: 4 tips to ensure your safety

The bootcamp trend is heating up. Though it may not sound appealing, the results are nothing to quibble with, which is why these classes are popping up everywhere.


Outdoor bootcamp exercise classes are a popular workout option in the warmer months. Fitness expert Nadeen Bowman, who appeared on Bulging Brides and The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp, holds her own “fitcamp” classes outdoors when the weather cooperates. But while taking your routine outside of the gym can be refreshing whether it’s a bootcamp class, a walk, or a run there are also safety considerations around the UV index, heat and humidity.

Here are some of Bowman’s tips on getting a great workout al fresco.

1. Make sure you’re drinking enough water down a litre of liquid for every hour of outdoor exercise. “You should be sipping water every twenty minutes.”

2. Fuel your body before and after working out. Eat within an hour of exercising, consuming something light so you’ve got some energy to burn. And within 30 to 60 minutes of finishing your workout, take in some complex carbs because you’ve depleted your glycogen stores. Fruit or veggies are a good, healthy choice.

3. When you can, avoid working out when the sun is at its peak. Sunshine is generally the strongest from 2pm to 4pm, so try to get your outdoor exercise in in the morning or evening, and stay in the shade if you can. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Avoid dietary ups and downs.  Don’t skip meals or eat too much in one sitting, and don’t crash diet. “In order to lose weight, we have to eat consistently.” Yo-yo dieting may work short-term but backfires in the end, and you could gain back more than you lost. It also can lead to inconsistent energy, which affects your ability to get a good workout when you’re fighting against the heat.

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