The best iPhone apps for runners and walkers

More than just a pedometer, these walking apps will increase the mileage in your routine
By Bryan Borzykowski
Woman eating fruits dessert with iPhone 4s in hands Istockphoto

Just like they say, there’s an app for everything – including the once-tech free sport of walking. Instead of being one with the wind, now you can follow route maps, track your steps and even keep watch of your calories all from your mobile phone. Here are some of the best iPhone apps to keep you going.

RunningMap Trackometer, $1.99. The top apps, says Mike O’Dell, vice-president of Running Room, are ones that help track your route and RunningMap is his favourite. Using your phone’s GPS, the app records where you’ve been. When you get home and visit, your path will automatically appear on the detailed map. You can also share routes with friends, add photos and mark points of interest.

Walkmeter, $4.99. If you want to track your walking routes without logging into a website, use the Walkmeter. This robust program records where you’ve been and how fast you’re walking, among other things; you can see your progress on the software’s maps and graphs. Turn on the announcement feature if you want voice updates on how far or long you’ve walked and share your progress on Facebook.

Trailguru, Free. Before you step into your track pants, download Trailguru, a solid app for any walk or hike. Record distance, speed and elevation and view it all on your mobile’s map. Visit when you get home and review your route on Google Earth or compare how far you’ve gone with other Trailguru users.

iTreadmill, $0.99 There are plenty of step tracking programs on the market, but iTreadmill has it all. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned, speed and pace, and has an easy-to-navigate interface, which O’Dell says is important for pedometer programs. “All the pace calculator apps work the same in principal,” says O’Dell. “Try to find the ones where the interface is simple enough to use.”

miCoach, Free While the miCoach isn’t that different from some of the other GPS tracking apps on the market, its clean, readable interface makes it a pleasure to use. Created by Adidas, the app measures pace and calories, maps routes, delivers daily workout suggestions and feedback, and has indoor and outdoor options. It even gives you a shoe usage alert to tell you when your footwear needs an upgrade.


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